January 2015 (!) Weigh-In

HAPPY NEW YEAR! I wish nothing but the best for all of you in 2015. My year started with a kiss at midnight from my special sweetheart:


That’s Luna, my friend Tavi’s pooch. Tavi had a little gathering on New Year’s Eve, and I’ll get to that in a bit. First, though, it’s time for weigh-in results!

I only do weigh-ins once a month, so I don’t get obsessed over the numbers, and here’s what happened when I weighed myself at the start of this month:


DOWN ONE POUND! Take that, holidays!

I’m up a little bit from one year ago. I started 2014 weighing 241 pounds, so that’s a gain of 6 pounds since I last rang in the new year.

Six pounds is nothing, though – I’m nothing but proud of how I’ve done in 2014. After all, the big picture is still a mighty big, impressive picture. A weight of 247 pounds means I’ve lost and kept off 155 pounds. Hot damn! Here’s my whole weight loss chart:


Normally, in my weigh-in posts, I also share my monthly Workout Progress Report, but I’m gonna skip that for now. Because it’s the new year, instead of doing a monthly report, I’m working on my big year-end report that encompasses the past 12 months, so look for that, coming soon.

I do need to come clean, though: I did my weigh-in one day earlier than normal. I had a really active and successful Christmas trip, and I was excited to see if it paid off on the scale. So I weighed myself on December 31st, before heading out to the aforementioned New Year’s Eve get-together.

Weighing myself before a New Year’s Eve party instead of the morning after changed my attitude going into the party, and I ended up eating more than I probably would have otherwise. But I had a good time, and ate plenty of healthy food, along with the not-as-healthy options. The healthy food included lots of raw veggies, and some shrimp, which were my contribution to the festivities:


These shrimp were so huge they were an oxymoron: jumbo shrimp. Look at this guy!


Shrimp, though, are super lean and protein-packed, no matter the size. Three of these monsters were around 100 calories and 1 gram of fat (plus some extra calories for cocktail sauce).

Now for the non-healthy consumables. Tavi had made a ton of gingerbread (an ungodly amount, for a massive project, which is on his Instagram feed), so I had some gingerbread cookies. And some homemade caramel. And another guest brought bacon-wrapped dates, so I had some of those (probably too many, but those are one of my favorite all-time appetizers). And cheese. There was cheese.

I also drank, which I only mention not because it’s some huge violation, but because it’s so rare for me. Tavi made mulled wine, so I had a glass of that, and a glass of champagne at midnight. (It was only the third time I drank in 2014 – the first two times were at weddings.)

I have all month, though, to work the extra calories off, and lose even more on top of it, and that’s what I’m gonna do. I’m on a roll, having posted a loss for the past three months, and I will continue that streak!

Keep it up, David!

PS. Stay tuned: I have a couple fun announcements coming up… but my next post is actually going to be all about rejection. Eek.


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9 Responses to January 2015 (!) Weigh-In

  1. Trixie says:

    Happy New Year, David! Long time reader, don’t think I have commented, but just wanted to let you know how inspiring you are. Real and inspiring. Thanks for sharing your journey.

  2. Charlotte Cavaluzzi says:

    Happy New Year David! I look forward to all of your posts. You are very motivating to all of us that struggle daily with extra pounds. Keep up the good work and I wish all the best for you in the New Year!

  3. volfan4life says:

    I have been an avid reader of your blog. Love it. Wondered if you would consider voting for me. I have a chance to win a cruise due to my weight loss. Asking for any help you can give. Here is the voting link – thanks

    You can vote once per day until January 15th. Every time you vote, you will be entered to win a 1-year supply of IdealShake! Thanks so much – you all are so awesome!

    Here is the link http://a.pgtb.me/dLgLrx?app_data=entry_id%3D81510276

    Here is my FB page and my blog


    Blog :


    Sent from my iPhone


    • David says:

      Hey Kelly! Thanks for the kind words and good luck with the contest. I just voted. Just a thought: When you copy/paste this onto other comment boards, you should consider leaving your name, so people know who to look for when they vote. (I dug and figured it out.) Congrats on the AWESOME weight loss – KEEP IT UP!

      • volfan4life says:

        Good point. Lol. And thanks. If you think about it please think anout voting everyday until 1/15. I appreciate you and love your blog!!! – Kelly Smith (lol)

  4. rosypip@aol.com says:

    Good for you! I am also up a few lb.s from last year. I went from 147 to 153. But I am going to work on getting that back down. I am doing a lot better than I used to! Happy new Year to you! Rosy

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