A Successful Christmas!


Before I start thinking about Christmas 2015, I’m gonna reflect on Christmas 2014. It was a great one. And, food-wise, the highlight of the day was definitely Christmas dinner:


My mom made a standing rib roast, with asparagus, potatoes, and roasted broccoli on the side. Oh, and mushrooms and horseradish to go with the beef.

I had taken a pledge designed to help me not overeat on Christmas day. I had three basic rules: to photograph everything I ate for Christmas dinner, avoid second helpings, and put everything I ate on a plate (to avoid endless snacking and grazing). I ended up photographing everything I ate all day long, but since I started with Christmas dinner, let continue from there.

Alongside that main plate, I had half a piece of sunflower seed bread.


Along with sparkling water, I drank a small glass of something called “Holiday Nogg.”


The misspelling of “nog” caught my eye, and sure enough, the product is identified, in smaller print on the carton, as “egg nog flavored beverage.” Interesting. But they got the flavoring right. It tasted just like egg nog, but it wasn’t nearly as creamy or thick. The trade-off for the difference in texture is explained in the nutrition label. Egg nog flavored beverage has 90 calories and 2 grams of fat per serving, versus 200 calories and 9 grams of fat for regular egg nog. I don’t drink egg nog enough to be a connoisseur, so this was fine with me. And I never complain about saving calories!

For dessert, I had a few cookies from our cookie platter.


Clockwise from top right, there’s a sugar cut-out cookie that I decorated myself, an almond ball, turron (an almond candy from Spain, and the only sweet that was not homemade), and a holly cookie (which is basically a rice krispie treat, but with corn flakes instead of rice krispies).

Time to circle back to breakfast. The day started with this plate:


That’s a piece of egg casserole at the bottom left, with fruit salad above it, pumpkin bread, and red pepper stripes. Plus a glass of orange juice.  And this was more like brunch, now that I think about it, because we didn’t eat until close to noon. I slept in until 10:30, just to give Santa a little extra time to deliver presents!

I had a mid-afternoon snack, while working on a jigsaw puzzle with my mom and sister:


Raw carrots and broccoli, with honey mustard for dipping. I’m gonna show that puzzle in a later post – we finished it in one sitting, and it’s pretty sweet.

After dinner, all of us played Pictionary, and after the game was over, I had a couple more sweets:


That’s another almond ball and a few spiced pecans.

And the fun wasn’t over! After Pictionary, my mom and I started another jigsaw puzzle:


After snapping 550 pieces into place in 5-6 hours spread between two days, we had a lovely artist’s rendering of a number of Michigan lighthouses:


My mom and I make a great jigsaw puzzle team!

Hold the phone! I just realized I broke a rule. That final almond ball and pecans weren’t on a plate. Crap.

Still, though, I think I did pretty well.

Bring on Christmas 2015!

Keep it up, David!


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