Hello from Michigan!

I’m back in my home state for Christmas, and having a great time. Finished my Christmas shopping, been hanging out with friends, helping my parents with cooking and cleaning. And my parents have a whole slew of new neighbors:


There are deer everywhere. We never used to see them when I was a kid, but their population has exploded in the past few years. I’ve seen about a dozen in the neighborhood the past couple days.


Or maybe I’m seeing the same few over and over. Either way, I like it.


I stumbled across this stairwell when I was out running errands, and I wanted to race up it, except for that it was exposed to the outdoors and the temperature was in the low 30s:


Even though I haven’t climbed stairs, I have been very active. I got a two-day guest pass at a local gym, so one day I lifted weights, and the next day I swam 2700 yards in their pool.

Patrick, a friend from middle and high school, arranged a guest pass for me at the gym where he’s a personal trainer, so I’ve been there every day since. I’ve gotten in two more weightlifting workouts, had an all-cardio day (split between three different machines), and by the time you read this, I will have gone to the boot camp class that Patrick teaches.

Actually, today is the sixth full day I’ve been in Michigan and I haven’t yet showered at my parents’ house. The gyms I’ve been to have awesome showers!

My eating has been pretty good, too. My mom did most of the Christmas cookie baking before I arrived, so the house hasn’t been filled with the intoxicating aroma of cookies in the oven. And they’re now all packed into tins in the cupboard, and I’ve been very strict about only indulging in one or two after dinner, only.

I’m eating lots of veggies and fruit, and having healthy meals like this egg scramble:


Made with one whole egg, five whites, onion, green pepper, fresh sage, chives, dill, and a little whipped cream cheese.

There’s been big entree salads, a super healthy bean soup that my mom made,  and plenty of water. We also roasted broccoli, Brussels sprouts, and baby potatoes (with no oil or added fat) for dinner last night, as side dishes with steak.


If anything, I’m eating more red meat than I normally do (or probably should). That’s not great, but this week has been an exception, not the norm. In addition to the steak, I also had the sausages that I roasted (alongside my turnip and rutabaga mash). Then there was the Korean barbeque feast that I had with a bunch of college friends in Ann Arbor. Korean barbeque menus have all sorts of raw meat, and there’s a grill in the center of your table, and you cook it all up on the spot and eat it with a variety of sauces and sides. It’s very fun and communal. Our party of five got a combo platter, and they brought all of this:


It was fantastic. I don’t need to go very frequently, but it’s a great special occasion option.

Okay I’m gonna wrap this up so I can go to bed. I gotta be awake bright and early for boot camp in the AM!

Keep it up, David!


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  1. Pat says:

    Say Hi to MI

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