Mashed Turnip and Rutabaga with Shallot and Sage

I’ve been enjoying turnips lately. I’ve made them into fries, added them to soup, and even a salad. Since turnips are a good alternative to potatoes, I decided to try mashing them. And I included a new-to-me vegetable in the recipe, because…why not? Everyone say hello to…


Mr. Rutabaga!

A rutabaga is a root vegetable that’s actually a cross between a turnip and a cabbage. Like turnips, rutabagas are a good alternative to potatoes, with much less calories and carbohydrates.  See?


They’re high in fiber and vitamin C, too. I’ve never bought a rutabaga before, and it’s been a while since I’ve added anything to my Produce Aisle page, so, again, I say…why not?

I bought two rutabagas and four turnips for this recipe, which I modified from one I found online. I peeled the rutabagas like I did the turnips. The rutabaga is a slightly different color – a pale yellow/brown.


I chopped everything into similar-sized chunks, so it would all cook evenly when I boiled it.


I already had a big pot of water on the stove coming to a boil. This took forever, so start it before you start peeling and chopping! I added the veggies to the boiling water, and cooked them for 25 minutes or so, until they were tender. The turnips were lighter, so they bobbed along the surface, and the denser rutabagas hung out near the bottom.


While they were boiling away, I made a little sauce. I melted two tablespoons of butter in a saucepan over medium heat, and added two shallots and about 20 fresh sage leaves, all  thinly sliced.

Once the shallot softened and turned a little brown, I turned down the heat to low and added a cup of skim milk, and let it simmered until the turnips and rutabagas were tender.


After boiling, I drained the root veggies and dumped them in a big mixing bowl. Then I added the sauce mixture.


Then, using a electric beater, I mashed it all together. I didn’t get it super smooth, so it still had some texture. Ta-da!


This was the side dish for this meal. The entree was Roasted Sausages and Grapes. I saw that recipe on “Barefoot Contessa,” and followed the recipe exactly, so I’m not going to go through it step by step. But it’s amazing, and apart from the fat in the sausages (some of which is boiled out in the cooking process, and I further cut some out by using chicken sausages), the only added fat to the dish is three tablespoons of butter. That’s it. In this big huge dish of food:


But sausages, even leaner ones, are still fattier than other proteins, so that’s just another reason to have a guilt-free side. And my turnip and rutabaga mash fits the bill. Here’s my plate:


Delicious. My parents and our guest, our friend Lynn, loved it. And there were plenty of leftovers.

Keep it up, David!

PS: Find lots of healthy recipes on my Recipes page!


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