One More Race

I’m in the home stretch. I’ve competed in eight stair races in 2014, and my ninth and final one is this weekend. I’m both looking forward to it, and looking forward to it being over.


The final race is called Hike the Halo, and it’s put on by the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation in Orange County. Whereas the rest of the races were up the stairs in skyscrapers, this one is up and down all the aisles at Angel Stadium in Anaheim. That photo is from last year’s race.

Hike the Halo is a different beast from the other stair races. First of all, you go both up and down stairs. (You always take the elevator down in a skyscraper.) And, there’s running involved. Lots of running. You run from aisle to aisle, and after you do all the aisles in the lower and upper decks, you exit the stadium and run a complete lap around the perimeter before entering the outfield one final time to cross the finish line.

This year’s Hike the Halo is this weekend, and I’m feeling prepared. I’ve stepped up my running lately. I did a 5k race on Thanksgiving Day, and did another run a few days later. Those runs felt a little laborious, but that might’ve been because of the altitude – I was in Colorado.

Since I’ve been back, I done a few shorter runs as my warm-ups on days when I lifted weights, and when I didn’t run, I used my MAX Trainer, which engages all my stair climbing muscles, to the point of exhaustion. This past weekend, I trained with a friend on some spectacular hills and stairs – photos to come in an upcoming post.

Hike the Halo is a great final race for the year, because it’s different, and I love the venue. It’s outdoors, which is nice. Stairwells can be dark and tight. I love that you can stand on the outfield and see the entire course, and when you’re running it, you can see competitors all around you. It’s a completely different experience than a stairwell.

I’m looking forward to closing the book on 2014. It’s been quite a year. If you include Hike the Halo, I will have done all four major LA-area races, and this year, for the first time, I raced in other cities: San Diego, Las Vegas, and Chicago.

Another reason I’m looking forward for Hike the Halo to be over is because than I get to start focusing on 2015, and I’ve got some awesome plans brewing. More stair races, in more cities. More ways to challenge myself. More reasons to be proud.

One more race. Then a whole new year of races.

Keep it up, David!


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