A Final Chicago Post (aka More Salads!)

I’m back home after my trip to Chicago, and I have a few final pictures to share. First up… salads! I ended up enjoying a nice streak of delicious entree salads while in Illinois (see photos in this post and this post), and my streak continued right up until the end.


I got this amazing grilled pear salad (dressing on the side) at Atlas Brewing Company, where I met my friend Rachel for dinner. That’s a duck taco in the back – gotta have a little protein!


Fiesta time! This vegan taco fiesta salad came from an organic grocery down the street from my sister’s place. I added more veggies to the meal by munching on baby carrots, too.

And then there was the salad I waited all week for. On one of my first nights in Chicago, I told my sister Laura about how I occasionally crave gyros – especially gyro meat. A gyro is a hot Greek sandwich. It’s strips of meat (usually a beef/lamb mixture), with lettuce, tomato, onion and tzatziki sauce, wrapped in a pita. I grew up eating them at Detroit-area Greek diners called Coney Islands, and I could eat gyros every day.

When I told Laura about that craving, she said “You know, you can get a salad topped with gyro meat at Burger Baron down the street.” And from that point forward, all I wanted was that salad. Unfortunately, due to other plans, and my road trip to Springfield, I had to wait about five days. It was worth the wait. Gyro meat!


You can barely see the salad part, but it’s under there: lettuce, tomatoes. onion, olives, and a little feta. It’s a simple meal from a hamburger stand, but it made me really, really happy. Especially since the gyros I’ve tried in LA don’t compare to the gyros in the midwest.

Moving on… to exercise. I stayed active in Chicago, with the highlights definitely being the two stair races I competed in. (Check out my race recaps for Willis Tower and 300 North LaSalle.) In addition, I went on three good runs, that, combined, totaled 12 miles exactly. The final run was in the coldest weather I’ve every run in. It was 39 degrees, according to the big sign overlooking the freeway:


Brrrrr! But I was dressed appropriately, so I survived. Running west, into the brisk Chicago wind, was the worst part of every run!

After ten full days, I packed up my suitcase and headed for home. I had a blast staying with Laura, and I’m thankful for her hospitality – ten days is a long time for a house guest, especially in a one-bedroom condo!


I also miss hanging out with her cute dog, Conrad, who gave me lots of goodbye kisses.


Check out his tongue: it’s as long as my nose!

I wasn’t canine-free for long, though. I got home from the airport around 5pm, and at 7:30, I picked up Luna, the dog I’ll be dog-sitting for the next ten days. She’s also a cutie!


In my next post… my long-delayed November weigh-in!

Keep it up, David!


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