Workout Progress Report AND A Whole Lotta Salads

Usually I share my weigh-in results at the beginning of each month, but I left LA on the 31st without weighing myself. It’s easy to forget when I keep my scale in my trunk! I don’t get back until next week, so my weigh-in will just have to wait until then.

But I can do the other half of my monthly updating… my Workout Progress Report! Check out my workout calendar for October:


Every dot represents a workout. Dots with a circle around it represent a class at Slimmons. Sometimes there are dots with a triangle, which mean classes elsewhere, but I didn’t take any during October. Finally, a little “W” above a dot means it was a weightlifting workout.

So – how did I do? Well, the first couple weeks were very strong. Six workouts a week, with two of them being weightlifting workouts. I was working my way up to three weightlifting workouts a week when my foot injury struck, and then, understandably, my workouts fell way off.  So, all told, I worked out 21 days out of 31 – a 68% success rate. I did the right thing when I stayed off my foot at the end of the month, so there’s no way I could’ve gotten that number any higher.

In addition, I took four classes at Slimmons and had 6 weightlifting workouts. Not bad at all.

The other thing I track every month is how many miles I complete doing my cardio – whether it’s running, biking, elliptical-ing, or whatever. Here’s my October chart:


10.4 miles is pretty low, and there’s a couple reasons for that. 1) The aforementioned foot injury. 2) My new Bowflex MAX Trainer. I started using my new awesome cardio machine at the beginning of the month, and one of the things it doesn’t track on its display is the distance I traverse when I use it. I used it seven times during October, so that’s seven less cardio entries on my miles chart. That’s something I’ll just have to get used to, because I’m sure as hell not gonna stop using the MAX Trainer!

In other news, I’m having a fantastic time in Chicago. I crushed it during the Willis Tower stair race yesterday, and it’s great hanging out with my sister, who I only see a couple times a year.

I tend to eat well when I travel, and this trip is no exception. Minimal snacking, fresh foods, lots of water. I’ve enjoyed a succession of entree salads the past few days, and they all have been delicious. One of my favorite places in Chicago is a small local chain of restaurants called Pockets, which has great salads. We headed there last night, where I got a southwest pocket with chicken:


My sister loaded up on fresh produce before I arrived, so another night I made my own salad:


That’s romaine and arugula, with cooked chicken, two slices of salami (julienned), broccoli, tomatoes, peppers, a few croutons, and Trader Joe’s light cilantro dressing, which is one of my very favorite bottled dressings.

Lastly, my sister introduced me to one of her mainstay meals. She calls it Surprise Stir-Fry Salad, with the surprise being that every one is different, based on what she has in the fridge. The basic construction of the salad is simple: She starts with a lettuce base, and maybe raw cherry tomatoes, and a few croutons. Then she stir-fries a bunch of other veggies. She makes a little bit of sauce in the stir-fry pan, using a combo of stock, oil, and citrus juice. Thanks to the sauce, she doesn’t use salad dressing. Sometimes she adds a protein, like chicken or shrimp. Here was the Surprise Stir-Fry Salad she made for us:


The stir-fry part included onion, broccoli, cauliflower, peppers, yellow squash, and shrimp. This got layered on top of the cold ingredients right before serving. The combination of hot and cold elements was really refreshing, and it was a fun and easy twist on a salad that I’ll make at home.

My one big non-salad dinner so far was at a trendy new Chicago restaurant called The Dawson. I went with my mom and sister the night before the big race. My entree was a braised pork shank, with acorn squash polenta, and I renewed my membership to the clean-plate club. It was delicious (the best of the three entries we ordered), and the pork completely fell off the bone.


Looking ahead… I already have a lead on another salad with one of my favorite ingredients, so hopefully I’ll be able to make that happen before I leave town!

Keep it up, David!


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    Wow that is great that you keep track of your workouts ! I will have to start doing that! Rosy

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