How Many Updates Can I Fit In One Post?

Lots of little updates today. I’m gonna talk about exercising, my goals, stair climbing, and more. I even have a malicious molasses update, so why dilly-dally? Let’s get started!

I got a new accessory for my Bowflex MAX Trainer – a clear plastic mat to protect my carpet from sweat and indents.


It’s one of those mats that people use under their rolling office chairs. My friend Adam suggested I try Ikea to get one at a good price, and sure enough, they had it for $19.99. It seemed huge in the store, and enormous when I was wrestling it into the backseat of my car (it didn’t fit in my trunk), but it was a perfect fit under the MAX Trainer.

Ikea is big, but it seems even bigger when you’re looking for one specific item. Just for shits and giggles, I turned on my Runkeeper app when I walked in the front doors, so my GPS could track the distance I covered. I walked through the entire showroom on the second floor, and then the entire marketplace and warehouse on the first floor. When I got in line at the register, I looked down, and saw that I had just taken a 3/4 mile walk and burned 103 calories! The map, though, told a different story:

Ikea Runkeeper

There must’ve been a GPS glitch, because I certainly did not take a detour onto the freeway. The distance is probably off, too. Oh well. Even if the experiment failed, getting in and out of Ikea in under 12 minutes is pretty monumental!

The MAX Trainer, by the way, continues to kick my ass (read more about it here). My most recent discovery is the “Stairs” program, which is a perfect fit for me. It’s a 15-minute workout that regularly ups the resistance in a set pattern, and it’s tough.

I’m still pushing to meet my weekly goals, which, in a nutshell, are to think positively, stop binging on junk food, and lift weights three times during the week. Last week was pretty good, although not 100%. I only did two lifting workouts, although I still exercised six total days, so it’s not the end of the world. And my eating was good, except one little episode with Cheetos. And peanuts. And a movie theater box of Mike & Ikes.

On another topic (but still food-related), how’s this for a super weird coincidence? Just one day after publishing my post about the Boston molasses disaster that killed 21 people in 1919, guess what spilled all over a freeway 15 miles from my house?

Molasses. There was a five-vehicle crash on Interstate 5, near downtown Los Angeles. One SUV ended up on its side. Drivers were trapped in their cars. Seven people went to the hospital, including one who was in “extremely critical” condition. Scary stuff. One of the vehicles was a truck carrying molasses, which ended up all over the road. The freeway was closed for hours during morning rush hour so they could clear the debris and clean up the molasses. Let this be a warning, ladies and gents: Molasses is out to get you. It will find you, and it will try to kill you. Great. Now I won’t be able to sleep tonight.

On to happier thoughts. A bunch of you very kindly donated to my upcoming stair races during the past couple weeks, and I’m proud to announce that I’ve reached my fundraising goals for two of the four events! Thank you, thank you, thank you! But I’m still $50 shy of the target for the CF Climb in Chicago, and $100 shy for the CF Climb in Los Angeles, so can you check under your car seat and in your couch cushions? Every buck, quarter, and penny helps, and both races benefit the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation.

In order to streamline and simplify the donation process, I’ve created a new page that has the links, all in one spot, for all my various charitable efforts. Click here for donation info, tell your friends, email the link, and share on social media!

My next charity race, up the Willis Tower in Chicago, is less than two weeks away. Last night I went for a training session in a 51-story stairwell within the Figueroa at Wilshire building.


This was my third time training in this building during the past three weeks, and my most successful session yet. We only have access to the stairwell for 60 minutes, so I hustle, so I can do three ascents before they kick us out.  (Just a few months ago, I was completing three training climbs in a similarly-sized building in 90 minutes, and believe me, this is much harder!) By the time the hour is up, it’s turned dark and all I want to do is sit down.


I didn’t time myself the first time. During my second session last week, it took me 46 minutes, 11 seconds to do all three climbs (not including rests, which didn’t add up to more than 14 minutes). This time around, I did three climbs in 43 minutes, 21 seconds – nearly three minutes faster! Furthermore, my first (and fastest) climb last week took 13.07, but I shaved 27 seconds off that time last night, finishing in 12:40.

Keep it up, David!


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