My Current Favorite Workout Songs

Every once in a while, I share what I’m listening to on my iPod. Music is an important part of my workouts, and I’m always on the hunt for new songs and artists to throw into the mix. This post has some of my current favorites. Maybe one (or more) of these will strike your fancy! And maybe you can share, in the comments section, the songs you love!

I might as well call this list the Anne Czarkowski playlist, because Anne is the one that introduced me to the first three songs on it. Anne is a teacher at Slimmons, and she’s been subbing for Richard on Thursday nights ever since he stopped teaching in February and disappeared. (The update on Richard, by the way, is that there’s no update.) I love Anne’s class, which is challenging and fun. I love that she’s always bringing in brand new music. And I love that she’ll send me songs that I like!

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The most recent song I heard in Anne’s class that I just had to have is “Back Home” by Andy Grammer. Andy Grammer had a hit a few years ago with “Keep Your Head Up” (a song I find annoying, truth be told), and that he’s just released a new album. “Back Home” has a chorus that I can’t help but want to sing along to.

Anne likes to speed up songs during her aerobics classes, so we all get a better workout. She played this next song a few weeks in a row, but because it was sped up, I couldn’t understand any of the lyrics. When I finally asked her about it, she figured out which song I was talking about, and it’s Alexa Goddard’s “Marilyn.” The regular version of the song is good (watch the video here), but the Steve Smart Remix is ever better for workout purposes.

This next song is by rock band KONGOS, and it has a fun Americana vibe to it. It’s called “Come With Me Now,” and if it sounds familiar, it might be because it was used in the commercials for the recent movie “The Expendables 3.” I also read the WWE used it as the theme song for some pay-per-view wrestling event (but I’m not the right guy to confirm that).

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Another good source of new music was the riveting MTV show “Catfish.” The third season finished airing recently, and I watched every episode. MTV is good about throwing up graphics identifying the songs they play in the background, and I take advantage of that info. I love love love “Hustler” by Conway. The video is a little creepy, but the song is awesome. The bridge, which starts 2 minutes in, features escalating drums and hand clapping, and it gets me moving every time.

Another “Catfish” song that I love is called “You Are My Soul” by a group called Manicanparty. To be honest, I love the beat and the choir-backed chorus, but I tune out the lyrics, which bug me. But not enough to not listen to the song all the time.

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Lastly, there’s always instrumental music on my workout playlist, and there always has been. My current fave is “Hungry Face,” from the soundtrack to the French TV show “Les Revenants.” I’ve never seen the show (I think it’s available on Netflix), but my buddy Max posted this track on Facebook, and I immediately added it to my playlist. It’s solemn, but with a beat that develops and intensifies nicely.

These are the songs that push me when I’m sweating. What about you?

Keep it up, David!


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4 Responses to My Current Favorite Workout Songs

  1. Joanne Greene says:

    I like your Workout Playlist posts. One that I like that Anne plays in class is Meghan Trainer’s “All About That Bass”. Very much a pop song, but I think it’s fun and catchy. Another that I like is “I Wanna Get Better” by Bleachers.

  2. Coco says:

    I will check these out! I agree with Joanne that All About That Bass is a fun song. I am also enjoying running to the Dance Cardio Pandora station. Some awful songs, but the beats are good enough to keep me pumping my gams up a hill.

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