Four Times Up the Wells Fargo Center. Yup, FOUR!

I wasn’t planning on last night’s workout being a record-breaker, but it was. I love a nice surprise! Especially when, as I mentioned in my last post, I’m getting back on track after a less-active-than-normal week. My successes last night were in the stairwell of the Wells Fargo Center downtown:


The Wells Fargo Center has 55 floors, and has been the training location leading up to next week’s US Bank Tower race (Eek! It’s next week?!). Read more about this building (and see more photos, too) in this post. This was my fourth time training in the Wells Fargo Center, and during each of the previous visits, I climbed the stairs three times, and that was always enough, because three climbs were exhausting and, including breaks, took about an hour.

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I climbed four times last night. FOUR TIMES. It wasn’t my plan, but near the top of my third climb, I ran into my friend Madeleine (when she passed me), and she always brings a smile to my face, even when I’m completely worn out. Madeleine is good at convincing me to do things I wasn’t planning on doing. She did it earlier this summer, when I was having a crappy day, and she did it last night, when she encouraged me to climb a fourth time. We climbed together, chatting the whole way. We also had some fun with the murals in the stairwell. This was supposed to look like I was falling, but I didn’t have the energy to turn in a top-notch performance:


And a few floors below that, I turned to another mural for a good luck kiss (and ended up getting to second base!):


Four times up the Wells Fargo Center is a personal record. I’m really proud of that. But here’s the kicker: That’s not the only record I broke last night!

Four times up a 55-story stairwell means I climbed 220 total floors. That’s a record for the most floors climbed during a training session. (My race record is 340 floors climbed during the San Diego TOWERthon.) And here’s another fun fact: The 55th floor of the Wells Fargo Center is 692 feet above the ground. My climbing to that height four times means I climbed a total of 2,768 feet. That’s just over half a mile. I climbed half a vertical mile last night. Pardon my French, but HOLY SHIT!

This will make me sound like an infomercial… But wait! There’s more! I set another personal record during my first climb. Previously, my fastest time up the Wells Fargo Center was 13 minutes, 45 seconds. And my fastest time before that was 14 minutes, 45 seconds. My time during last night’s first climb was… 13 minutes, 4 seconds! 41 seconds faster! I wasn’t trying to set a personal best, but I was focused, felt good, and I didn’t look at my watch, and BAM! It just happened. I’m getting stronger every day.

I’ll wrap this up with one more photo. I’ve been meaning to get this shot for a while now, but I always forget. It’s my favorite sign in the Wells Fargo Center stairwell. I’ve now broken this rule 13 times!


Keep it up, David!


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6 Responses to Four Times Up the Wells Fargo Center. Yup, FOUR!

  1. Bam! You are a stair climbing beast. I LOVE the pic where you got to 2nd base. 🙂

  2. Madeleine says:

    Woo hoo! Awesome accomplishments all around!

  3. Tommy Coleman says:

    Shit yeah!

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