Fun With Maps: Exercise All Over the Place!

Thanks to my stair race training and the new classes I’ve been trying, I’ve been working out all over town. Since I’m a big nerd when it comes to geography and data, I decided to map it. Here’s all the places I’ve worked out during the month of August (so far):


Here’s what the numbers correspond to:

  1. Home (North Hollywood). My building has a tiny gym. It’s not my favorite place to work out, but every so often I have a good workout on the bike.
  2. Valley Plaza Park (North Hollywood). It’s only a few blocks away, and a great place to run.
  3. Barry’s Bootcamp (Sherman Oaks). Seriously tough classes. Read more here.
  4. Crunch Gym (Burbank). One of two gym locations that I go to. I lift weights here, and take a great Powerwave Battle Ropes class.
  5. Rose Bowl (Pasadena). Home to the fantastic Stadium Fitness boot camp class. Read more here.
  6. Rock It Workouts (Pasadena). I’ve taken a couple kickboxing classes, which are really fun. More about it here.
  7. Wells Fargo Center (downtown Los Angeles). A 55-story skyscraper. I train for stair races here.
  8. Crunch Gym (West Hollywood). My gym’s other location. There are Arc Trainers here, and they’re my favorite cardio machine.
  9. Slimmons (Beverly Hills). Even though Richard Simmons hasn’t been teaching lately, I’m still going once a week for an aerobics class.
  10. Santa Monica Stairs (Santa Monica). An awesome setting for an outdoor stair workout.

This will help provide a sense of scale: the two furthest dots from each other, 6 and 10, are approximately 25 miles apart. Looking at this map makes me wonder how much money I’ve pumped into my gas tank, but at least I take the train when I head downtown.

As of right now, I’ve worked out 17 times in the month of August, and they’ve been spread out among these 10 locations. Switching things up and keeping my workouts fresh and non-repetitive and very important to me, and I’d say this map is proof of my success!

BONUS MAP! On a lark, I expanded my map to include all workout locations so far during 2014. In addition to the 10 locations above, I got to add an additional 14 dots! That’s 24 venues since January 1st, and that doesn’t include the exercise I did while traveling in Michigan, Colorado, Portland, Las Vegas, or San Diego.


I’ll try to keep this brief:

Holy cow, I love maps.

Keep it up, David!


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One Response to Fun With Maps: Exercise All Over the Place!

  1. David says:

    Just realized there should be a 25th dot… for my hikes in Fryman Canyon! It would be just to the left of dot 14.

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