Snacks in the Mail

Like most human beings, I love presents. Especially when they show up at my door! Who doesn’t like opening a package? It’s fun when you don’t know what’s inside, but it’s just as fun when you do, and you’ve been waiting days or weeks for it to arrive.

I got a package recently that was very fun to open. That’s because it was full of snacks!


The package was from NatureBox, a company that basically sells snacks by subscription. It’s an easy system: you sign up on their website, and once a month a box shows up full of snacks. You can choose your snacks (there are over a hundred to choose from), or they’ll surprise you. It costs $16-20 a month (depending on the plan you choose) for approximately 15-20 servings of snacks. For me, though, this box was free* – and I can thank my reader Lannette for setting that up. So thank you, Lannette! You’re awesome.

*Almost free – I paid $1.97 for shipping or processing or handling or something.

So what’s inside the box? All sorts of snacks!


I picked what snacks I wanted. I figured if I had the chance to pick free snacks, I was gonna try some new things and make sure I got a good variety. I also kept my eye on calories, fat, and sodium, although NatureBox says that all their snacks are “nutritionist approved” – whatever that means.

These yellow curry peas were super crunchy and much more flavorful that I was expecting.


The seaweed rice pops were a little salty and little sweet – always a winning combo.


I was bummed the baked sweet potato fries were actually sweet-potato-flavored crackers, but they were still very good.


The dried California peaches were great – but I knew they would be, and I love peaches in any way, shape or form.


These masa crisps were basically fancy little Fritos, and packed a salty punch without having much sodium.


Those were the five snacks I picked out. My box, though, had a sixth snack in it – and I don’t know if this was a mistake or an added bonus: apple orchard granola, which was actually really moist and damp. I don’t eat enough granola to know if that’s how fresh granola should be, but it tasted good when I ate it with plain Greek yogurt:


All these snacks tasted great, and I would eat them again in a heartbeat.

Unfortunately, though, I can’t use NatureBox, because it’ll be too hard for me. The problem isn’t really about the company or the service, it’s due to my own food issues. The snacks all come in bags that have 3 or 4 servings, and once that bag is open, I have trouble stopping after one serving (especially when that serving size is listed as “1 ounce” – which is how it was listed on two of my bags. Great – now I have to dig out my food scale!). It was a Herculean task to not devour the entire contents of this box in one fell swoop – and that became harder still once I realized that every single item was so delicious. That’s not a battle I want to wage every month. It’s hard for me to keep any snacks in my house, so, most of the time, I just don’t do it.

But it was a fun (and free) little experiment, and NatureBox clearly knows what they’re doing in the snack world. Maybe if I wasn’t working from home right now and was packing my lunches. Maybe if I had kids that needed stuff for their lunch boxes. Maybe NatureBox is prefect for YOU. Maybe you should learn more about it here!

Ultimately, I’m glad I can recognize triggers that lead to poor food choices and behaviors. I may succumb to those triggers every once in a while, but I certainly don’t want to invite them into my house!

Keep it up, David!


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4 Responses to Snacks in the Mail

  1. Sarah Van Houten says:

    That’s so funny! we have those same snacks delivered to our office

  2. Debbie says:

    Yum! I grew up eating the seaweed rice crackers and would sneak them when my dad wasn’t looking. Did it have a lot of sodium or where they fairly normal?

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