Fun With Maps: How Far is 1,093 Miles?

I’ve been meaning to write this post for a while now. I’m glad I finally tackled it, because this post will make me feel good, and it’ll make me feel proud, and those are two feelings that I enjoy feeling! It’s also super nerdy, and I love that too!

My last post included a cardio miles update. Like I said in that post, I log every mile I complete doing any form of cardio. I’m up to 1,093.6 miles since I started last summer. That’s a lot of miles! So many miles, actually, that it’s hard for me to comprehend. And so I turn to Google Maps. Ladies and gentlemen, if I left my house and traveled 1,093 miles, I’d be… near the Colorado/Nebraska border!


Although I don’t have a specific cardio miles goal, I did pick this route for a reason: because I was curious how long it’d take me to get to my sister’s house outside Boulder, Colorado. (The answer to that is roughly a year.) You can’t tell on that map, but I actually adjusted the route and that blue line gets within a few blocks of my sister’s house. It takes me past the King Sooper’s supermarket that’s a few blocks away.

My actual stopping point is about 75 miles beyond my sister’s house, outside the small town of Fort Morgan, Colorado.


Fort Morgan is a tiny town of 11,000 people, but, strangely enough, it has connections to two world-famous authors:

  • One of my favorite authors, Michael Crichton (“Jurassic Park,” “Sphere,” “Disclosure”) lived there as a toddler when his father was drafted into World War II. (Fort Morgan was home to a military school at the time.)
  • Science-fiction icon Philip K. Dick is buried in Fort Morgan, despite never having lived there. He had a twin sister, Jane, that died when she was 6 weeks old (reportedly of an allergy to her mother’s milk) while the family was relocating from Chicago to San Francisco. She was buried in Fort Morgan, and when Philip passed at age 53 after a stroke, he was buried next to her. They share a tombstone. If the name Philip K. Dick doesn’t mean much to you, some of these names will: “Blade Runner.” “Total Recall.” “Minority Report.” “The Adjustment Bureau.”  All these are movies based on Dick’s novels and short stories. “Blade Runner” is based on a story called “Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?” and because of this, Dick’s fans regularly decorate his grave in Fort Morgan with stuffed sheep.

I love finding stories and histories like this! My cardio miles log started as a challenge to virtually “run” from my home to Las Vegas, and I filled those blog posts with interesting, random stories from history about the places that I “stopped” along the way. Those posts are archived here. Plus, read my later posts about stops in Hurricane, Utah and Grand Junction, Colorado.

A few more maps before wrapping this up.  If I head north from Los Angeles and travel for 1,093.6 miles, I’d be in Tacoma, Washington!


And if I start in my hometown of Bloomfield Hills, Michigan and go 1,093 miles, I’d be beyond Oklahoma City!


Like I said before, I don’t have a goal with my cardio miles log. It’s become habit to keep track of my mileage and write it down, and every few months I fool around with these maps and have a little fun. I have no intention of stopping. Seeing these maps, with their blue lines that go from state to state to state, is wonderfully inspiring, especially now that the distance is longer than what a reasonable person would drive in their car. I visit my sister in Colorado twice a year, and it’ll be nice to remember, during that 2-hour flight, that I’ve covered the same distance during my workouts.

No, I take that back. It won’t be nice to remember that… it’ll be awesome.

Keep it up, David!


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2 Responses to Fun With Maps: How Far is 1,093 Miles?

  1. Lisa Long says:

    Thank you for inspiring me! I am keeping track in my head this month, four days in an 15 miles on the bike, so that would get me across town!

    >________________________________ > From: “Keep It Up, David!” >To: >Sent: Tuesday, August 5, 2014 2:40 AM >Subject: [New post] Fun With Maps: How Far is 1,093 Miles? > > > > >David posted: “I’ve been meaning to write this post for a while now. I’m glad I finally tackled it, because this post will make me feel good, and it’ll make me feel proud, and those are two feelings that I enjoy feeling! It’s also super nerdy, and I love that too! My” >

    • David says:

      Congrats! You should consider writing it down so you don’t forget. Even on scrap paper or something! OR, after you do one week, challenge yourself to beat that number during week 2! There’s lots of fun to be had with cardio miles!

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