August Weigh-in and Workout Progress Report

A few days ago I had my monthly weigh-in, and the results are pretty exciting. Let’s take a look at my weight loss chart, shall we?


Down three pounds! Very exciting, indeed!

I worked hard during July to make good food choices and stay really active (more on my activity in a little bit). But there was another motivating factor that probably played a role: I wanted to look my best for the Bowflex Q&A webcast. There’s nothing like being on camera to bring out my vanity!

My three-pound weight loss brings my weight to 242 pounds, which makes my total weight loss an even 160 pounds. When I share how much I’ve lost, my standard answer for the past couple of years has been “around 160” – so it’ll be nice to lose the word “around” from that sentence!

Plus, as my chart shows, it’s my lowest weight in 7 months, and I’m only three pounds away from matching my lowest weight of the past two years, which is from last December, when I weighed 239 (the same as Homer).

Here’s my whole chart:


Now it’s time for my Monthly Workout Progress Report!

In a nutshell, I note every workout I complete on a calendar. It’s a super-duper, state-of-the-art, sophisticated system that involved newfangled devices called “pen” and “paper.” This is what my month of July looks like:


I blurred out non-workout-related stuff. Basically, every workout get a dot, and I scribble some notes next to that dot that describe what I did. If I take a class at Slimmons, the dot gets a circle around it. If I take a class somewhere else, the dot gets a triangle around it. If the workout involves lifting weights, I add a little “w.”

There are lots of dots on my July calendar. A total of 27, actually. That means I exercised 27 out of 31 total days. That’s a 87% success rate! (which is pretty much the highest I’ve ever get, since rest days are a key part of my workout plan.) Plus, I took four classes at Slimmons (two led by Anne, and two led by Sherry), as well as four other classes: two Powerwave Battle Ropes classes, the boot camp at the Rose Bowl, and a 4th class that I have yet to blog about (but I will). A total of 10 workouts involved weightlifting.

The last monthly chart I’ll share is my cardio miles chart. No matter what kind of cardio I do, whether it’s bike, run, use the elliptical, hike, or something, I note the miles, log them, and keep a running total. At the beginning of July, I had logged 1007.6 miles. I added mileage during 19 of my workouts in July (ranging from 0.1 to 14.2 miles), and my total at the end of the month was… 1093.6!


That’s 86 new miles during the month of July!  That’s nearly the same as going from New York City to Philadelphia.

1093.6 is a lot of miles. It’s a distance I’m going to explore in more detail in my next post. Until then…

…Keep it up, David!


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6 Responses to August Weigh-in and Workout Progress Report

  1. pbandjax says:

    I dig your physical tracking! I’ve been keeping a physical log as well, I find it keeps me more focused. Mine is not nearly as detailed, unfortunately! My favorite is the weight chart. What an awesome representation of your hard work, plus it just looks cool.

    July annihilated!

    • David says:

      Thank you! I’m glad you’re tracking your activity, too. I put in two much work… I don’t want to forget what I’ve done by the end of the week!


  2. Sarah Van Houten says:

    Nice work!! Couple more and you will be at an all time low right?

  3. Lisa Eirene says:

    When I was losing my 110 pounds I recorded it in a good old fashioned journal. Everything I ate, exercise, I wrote it down and calculated everything with a calorie book and the internet. Now I use an app on my phone for maintenance. 🙂

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