Attend My Upcoming Online Q&A!

Exciting News! The good folks at Bowflex have invited me to participate in their upcoming online webinar, “The Journey to Health and Fitness”!  It’s going to be a live Q&A-style event, with a panel including me, Tom Holland (Bowflex’s in-house Fitness Advisor), and Brooke Birmingham, who blogs over at Brooke Not On A Diet. Brooke’s lost 170 pounds, and is really inspiring and courageous. I admire her a lot. We’ll be talking about health, fitness, and the journey each of us took to get to where we are today. It sounds like it’ll be a pretty casual affair with a lot of helpful, motivational information. And here’s the best part: YOU can help shape the conversation, because we’ll be answering questions from viewers! So think up some good Qs and I’ll provide some good As! 

“The Journey to Health and Fitness” will be live-streamed one week from tomorrow, so mark your calendars!  That’s Tuesday, July 22nd at 8:00am PT/11:00am ET.  CLICK HERE to pre-register so you can tune in on your computer, tablet, or smartphone!

Drop me a line in the Comments section, or on Facebook or Twitter, if you’re planning on watching. I’d love to have some fans out there cheering me on…because I’ll probably be nervous!

Moving On… My blog post a few weeks ago about Richard Simmons’ disappearance got shared with tons of Richard’s fans and hopefully sent a lot of good, loving, positive energy his way, and I wanted to thank everyone who reached out about it via email, text, social media, and blog comment. Moreover, big thanks to everyone who sent love to Richard, via his Facebook, Twitter, or his website. It never hurts to send love!

I haven’t written anything about Richard since that post because… there hasn’t been an update. I still haven’t heard from Richard, nor has anyone that I know. His birthday was on Saturday, and I went to Slimmons. I didn’t think he’d show up, but it was a big day regardless if he was around to celebrate it, and I had a fun time seeing friends and working out with Sherry, who’s been leading the Saturday class in Richard’s absence.

Lastly… Went on a great hike yesterday in Runyon Canyon, here in Los Angeles. I met up with my friend Jonathan, who’s visiting from Utah this weekend, and his friend Ali, and enjoyed catching up while seeing some incredible scenery – views from downtown to the ocean (even though it was a smoggy day)!


The last time Jonathan was here, we went on my absolute favorite hike so far… up to the ruins of a century-old hotel!

One of the reasons it wasn’t a clear day was because there was a huge fire was burning down an industrial building not too far from where we were.

Fire-Runyon-Los- Angeles

Turns out that while we were hiking, 150 firefighters spent 2 hours battling the fire. Yikes.

As for the hike, it lasted about 70 minutes, and we covered about 3 miles, including some pretty steep sections up the mountain. Great way to start the week!

Keep it up, David!


2 Responses to Attend My Upcoming Online Q&A!

  1. Catherine says:

    I just registered for the webinar, so I’ll be there! And I haven’t had time to read for awhile and I’m all caught up now!

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