Will The Suffering Ever End?

OVERLY-DRAMATIC HEADLINE ALERT! Sorry about that, folks, I couldn’t resist. Sadly, it’s true. I don’t like that I’m writing back-to-back posts about health problems, but those are the cards I’ve been dealt this week.

First, let me address the depression that I discussed in my last post. Break out the bubbly, because I’m over it. I have this blog to thank, because writing about it really helped process what I was thinking. It was therapeutic. And thanks to the family and friends that reached out. That was a really wonderful help, too.

So what do I have to complain about this time? My hip. Something happened over the weekend. Something bad. I don’t even know what it was. On Saturday night, I went to bed feeling great. No aches, no pains, no soreness, no indications that there was anything out of the ordinary.

When I awoke on Sunday morning, I could barely move. There was an intense horrific pain in my right hip. I got up to turn off my alarm and screamed, out loud. It hurt. I could barely walk. I couldn’t bend at the waist beyond 20 or 30 degrees.

The pain was deep, right where my hip bone meets my pelvis. I had slightly more mobility in my leg when I was lying down, as I wasn’t putting any weight on it, but it was still painful.

I had a good talk about the situation with my father, a physician – a crummy topic of conversation to have on Father’s Day, that’s for sure – and cancelled my day’s plans, including a picnic in the Arboretum and a friend’s birthday party that evening. I spent the day in bed. When I was utterly bored with my bed, I (very slowly) repositioned myself to the couch.

I dug out my Aleve and have taken plenty of it. I’ve been icing, which provides relief. And my friend Tavi brought over a delicious dinner (thank you so much Tavi!) and a 4-pound carton of Epsom salt, so I’ve been soaking in the tub, which feels absolutely phenomenal (even though I’m a little too tall for my tub).

Monday was slightly better. I felt better in the morning, and got some work done, but then the pain increased, and I found it really hard to focus. The afternoon was rougher, although I was able to take a nap, after which I felt better. Throw in another Epsom bath, and I felt good enough to write this blog post.

When I talked to my dad on Sunday, I told him that if the condition worsened, I’d get myself to Urgent Care or the ER. So far, it hasn’t worsened. I still don’t know what brought this pain on. My aunt suggested in might be bursitis, which is an inflammation of the pads that separate joints from muscles and tendons. Maybe I sprained or pulled something deep in my leg – which is a possibility, because I had four exhausting, excellent workouts in the 4 days prior. Whatever it is, I’m slowly getting better, and hopefully that trend will continue.

I’ll keep you posted!

Keep it up, David.

6 Responses to Will The Suffering Ever End?

  1. Pat says:

    Maybe you’re just old.

  2. Nurse Karen says:

    In my humble opinion, and being being overly cautious from past history with family members’ emergencies: Get an x-ray, PET scan, MRI, SOMEthing to visualize the inside of your body….my brother had testicular cancer, yet the symptoms were referred to another part of his body {his right leg!}, so the MRI he had, revealed a total surprising diagnosis. He was expecting a broken bone since he was a construction worker–instead, it was cancer. Good news was they caught it in time {that time}. Also of note: he used to weigh over 430 pounds, and later, even after he lost 127 pounds, he would get spontaneous fractures. It’s a sad fact leftover from being obese, all the years of stress upon swollen, overused joints. Your auntie had a good point, as well. That, and my bro had poor eating habits for years. I don’t think you’ve had chemotherapy for cancer, and how we nurture {or don’t} our bodies in The Wonder Years, really does have an effect on our future health. I’m glad it has not worsened,–although taking Aleve would mask that– but if it continues, please go to urgent care. Our bodies do have an innate wisdom that we would do well to heed. Sounds like you needed a good rest period, from what you’ve done of recent! Praying that you feel better soon. By the way, I don’t think you complain at all–what you share, may very well save another person’s life. You never know! *hugs*

    • David says:

      Thank you thank you thank you, Karen! I had a hunch you’d comment on this post… and I was right! Your insights and thoughts are always appreciated. Hope you’re well! xo

  3. Nurse Karen says:

    I love you, and am so glad you are feeling a bit better. Didn’t realize your dad was an MD. Bursitis, it is. Also glad you are taking it easy for a while. That much pain was shocking for a young man to feel. You can still lift small hand weights while sitting, do some breath-work, gentle stretches…I can’t get over how much your body has changed. You look so lean and virile. Way cool. Be patient with yourself, and be as kind to your body as you would to a dear friend… ^_^

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