June Weigh-In Results AND May Workout Calendar

I was not expecting this. I went into my monthly weigh-in feeling confident that I’d be down – after all, I’d had a killer month of exercise (more on this later), and I had just completed the physically demanding San Diego TOWERthon – but when I stepped on the scale, that was not the case:


Up two pounds. My initial reaction was disappointment, but that quickly faded away. I’m still high from my performance in San Diego, and I wasn’t gonna let some dumb number bring me down.  My weight fluctuates a lot on a regular basis, so this was probably just a badly-timed upswing.

No. Big. Deal. A weight of 245 pounds represents a weight loss of 157 pounds. Awesome!

Time to update my weight loss chart!


And here’s my entire chart:


And here’s the exercise I did in May:


Every dot represents a workout… and there are 27 of them!  I exercised 27 out of 31 days in May! Four of those dots have circles around them, and they represent the four classes I took at Slimmons (all with Anne, since Richard is still undergoing physical therapy). Two circles have triangles around them, and they represent the two Powerwave Battle Ropes classes I took.  Some dots have a little “W” above them, and they’re weightlifting workouts – and there are 12 of them.  It was an excellent month for exercise!

Plus, I continued to log and add up my cardio miles. I went into May with 895.6 miles of cardio under my belt since last summer (this includes miles completed via biking, running, elliptical, hiking… any cardio that measures distance). And, at the end of the month, my total distance was… 966.5 miles!


That’s 70.9 new miles of cardio during the month of May! What’s more exciting is that with 966.5 under my belt, I’m within striking distance of 1000 miles – only 43.5 miles to go until that milestone!

See? What did I tell ya! LOTS to celebrate this month, regardless of what the scale said. I’m heading into June feeling strong and unstoppable, so…

Keep it up, David!


10 Responses to June Weigh-In Results AND May Workout Calendar

  1. Mama Ames says:

    Tons to celebrate. I love all your data. Great job!

  2. gayleegayle says:

    Love your methods of keeping data and I just received my calendar in the mail today! Inspired!! Thanks David!

  3. SARAH VIEIRA says:

    You truly are inspirational!!! Thank you Keep it Up, David!! 🙂

    Date: Wed, 4 Jun 2014 21:54:36 +0000 To: legsv3@hotmail.com

  4. Amanda says:

    You’re just turning into a muscle man!

  5. Gloria says:

    I’m now starting my own workout calendar. Great idea! I love the way you turned what could have been a negative into a LOT of positives!

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