A Crap Day at the Gym

Wednesday was almost a complete wash at the gym. It was a comedy of errors. Thankfully, I’m already looking back and laughing, but at the time, I was annoyed. Here’s what went down:

My goal for the day was to complete a metabolic weightlifting workout. I do one of these a week, which feature exercises that use weights (or my own body weight) to get my heart rate up and burn calories (as opposed to using weights strictly for strength training or toning).

PLAN A: Take a Powerwave Battle Ropes class. This class, which involves throwing big, thick ropes around, is an excellent metabolic workout. I reserved a spot in the 6:30am class on Wednesday morning. Normally I take the evening class on Wednesday, but I had other plans, so 6:30am was a good alternative…

…until I slept through the class. I woke up around 7:45, not even remembering my earlier alarms (yes, plural) going off. Ugh. Not a good start to the day.

PLAN B: Complete my own metabolic workout at the gym. I left for the gym later that morning, and halfway there, I realized I forgot my phone. Not the end of the world, as I don’t need my phone to exercise, but being unexpectedly unplugged for a few hours was slightly annoying. (Sad but true.)

When I got to the gym, I realized I forgot two other things: 1)  I had made a vitamin supplement drink but left the water bottle on my kitchen counter.  2) I was wearing the wrong glasses. I have multiple pairs, and this pair starts sliding down my nose as soon as I start sweating. Annoyance level rising.

Since I was already at the gym, I said ‘screw it’ and went on with my workout. There are drinking fountains there, so I wasn’t going to dehydrate, and sliding glasses won’t kill me either.

I completed 12 minutes on the elliptical to warm-up. I spent maybe 8-10 minutes stretching. Then I started the main part of my workout with a series of planks and mountain climbers.

After my first set of reps, just a few minutes into my workout, I felt a drip on my upper lip, and knew immediately what is was: I had a nosebleed. UGH!  I’ve gotten nosebleeds my whole life. I am prone to them. And not just because of all the cocaine I’ve snorted. (That’s a joke, folks.)  I’ve gotten them from stress. I’ve gotten them because of dry heat (and Los Angeles is always hot and dry). I’ve gotten them from sneezing. I’ve gotten them because it was the second Friday in August. I get them for any reason, or no reason at all.

I flopped on my back so my bleeding nose wouldn’t make a mess and did various kinds of crunches and sit-ups for 5 minutes, hoping the nosebleed would stop.  It didn’t. I headed to the locker room, applied pressure, and waited a few minutes. The bleeding stopped. I knew it could start up again any second (because that happens with my nosebleeds), so I sat there, seriously irritated and annoyed, and considered my options.

  1. I could interpret all these missteps as signs that I shouldn’t work out today.
  2. I could continue my metabolic weights workout as planned and hope for the best.
  3. I count abandon my metabolic weights workout and do something else (Plan C).

I quickly ruled out option 2, just for safety and sanitary reasons. Should my nose resume gushing, I didn’t want to get blood all over gym equipment, my clothes, other people, etc. And I didn’t want to be put in a position where I had to quickly drop or deal with heavy weights so I could shove a tissue up my nostril.

Option 1 was oh-so-appealing. I really wanted to call it a day. But then I realized that while it seemed like a good decision in the moment, I’d probably regret it later. I reminded myself that I was training for a big huge race that was only a few days away. That was reason enough to settle for Option 3.

PLAN C: I returned to the elliptical. I jammed the cup holder full of dampened paper towels, so if my nose started bleeding again, I would be prepared.

My nose, thankfully, behaved itself, and I completed 25 more minutes on the elliptical. Add that to the 12 I did as warm-up, and the few minutes of planks and crunches that I was able to complete, and I was satisfied with my workout. There were many annoying obstacles in the way, but I finished the workout. Woo-hoo!

The next post I’ll publish won’t be until after the San Diego TowerTHON on Saturday. I’ll being climbing stairs in this building for 2 hours on Saturday…


…and even though I’m prepared and ready, it still sends shivers up my spine. I’m going to do my best, and that’s all I can ask for.

Keep it up, David!

5 Responses to A Crap Day at the Gym

  1. Jeff Dinkin says:

    Aww, bloody hell!

  2. Deb says:

    Wow I knew that day went all sorts of crappy but damn! I’m not sure I wouldn’t have just gone home after all that.

  3. scalesdownlacesup says:

    Those days are the worst! Way to go finding a way to push through it, I know that’s not easy. Love your blog by the way!

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