Colorado Nibbles and Bits… PLUS, “American Ninja Warrior” News!

There’s more to share from my long weekend in Colorado, but first… I was on TV the other night!  A few months ago, I went with a group of friends to an all-night taping of “American Ninja Warrior” in Venice Beach. We were cheering on our friend Tommy, who was competing on the show, and the episode aired Monday on NBC. Unfortunately, Tommy wasn’t featured during the broadcast, but if you look closely (don’t blink or look away!) or have your finger on the Pause button, you can see me in the stands!


Kate Hansen is an Olympic luger who competed in Sochi just a month before tackling the “American Ninja Warrior” obstacle course. I happened to be next to her parents in the stands, so I got a little bit of screen time when they showed them cheering her on. The episode is airing many more times this week on the Esquire cable channel, so tune in!

  • 5/28/14 (today!) at 6pm.
  • 5/29/14 at 7am.
  • 5/30/14 at 11pm.
  • 5/31/14 at 11am and 9pm.
  • 6/1/14 at 8am and 5pm.
  • 6/2/14 at 12pm and 11pm.

Kate Hansen’s run starts about 37 minutes in (it’s a 2-hour broadcast). I’m in the stands behind the Slack Ladder (one of the obstacles), so you can catch fleeting glances of me throughout the episode – but you’ll need to watch on DVR so you can pause it. And even then you’ll need really good eyesight!

Moving on…

Yesterday’s post was all about an awesome hike in Colorado, and more fun was had the entire weekend. It was a healthy weekend, too! That hike was one of 4 workouts that I completed in 4.5 days. Here are the others:

  • Thursday: Landed around 11am. That afternoon, I borrowed by brother-in-law Justin’s bike, and went on a 8.5-mile ride. It took 46 minutes.
  • Friday: We went on the aforementioned hike.
  • Saturday: Rest day (although we got some activity in, walking around a giant festival.
  • Sunday: Sarah and I went to her local YMCA, where she did cardio, and I did a cardio warm-up (1o minutes on StairMaster), followed by 40 minutes upper body weightlifting.
  • Monday: Woke up early and went for a 8am run. Ran 3.8 miles in 40 minutes, then had a good 20-minute walking cool-down. Showered and changed and headed to the airport for my flight at noon.

My sister’s house has light wells along the outside walls so the basement can have a few windows, and one day I saw that a big mouse had gotten itself trapped down the well.  A few minutes later, I climbed down into the well and caught the little guy, and my niece let him go a little ways from the house.


My eating was mostly excellent. Both Sarah and Justin are making efforts to slim down, and between the two of them, they’ve lost around 20 pounds. Keep it up! Sarah is following a rather regimented program, so I decided to follow her eating plan while I was there. It’s strict, but based on common sense: high protein, lots of vegetables, not much allowance for sugary or fatty foods.

Every single breakfast we ate was the same. Sarah and I each had an egg white omelet with 1 ounce cheese, with either a slice of dry toast or a tortilla, and some fruit. I added Cholula hot sauce to my omelet, and ended up making smiley faces. I tweeted all my smiley face omelets (I’m trying to be better about tweeting photos of my meals for accountability’s sake):

Twitter Omelet

You can follow me on Twitter if you don’t already (my handle is @keepitupdavid).

One night we made a delicious quinoa and black bean salad. We pretty much followed this recipe that Sarah found online, except we used quinoa instead of couscous, a green pepper instead of a red one, a mix of black and garbanzo beans instead of all black beans, 1/2 of the oil, and I added paprika to the dressing.


It made for a delicious side dish to go along with a turkey burger on a 100-calorie sandwich round, with sauteed onions and other veggies as toppings.


The one day that I really went off-program was on Saturday, when we were walking around the giant festival. It was a fun day. We rode the ferris wheel. My niece Allison had a ball feeding butterflies in a butterfly paviliion. We got tricked out of a few bucks playing carnival games. We heard a Grateful Dead/Phish tribute band perform. OH! And I met a mountain lion!


OK, OK, it’s stuffed and was on display in a taxidermy booth. I’m not a fan of hunting these cats for sport, but I couldn’t resist the photo op.

We were at the festival for hours, and I got really hungry. We ate a late lunch there, and chose wisely, especially given how terribly unhealthy carnival food can be. Sarah and I shared a kabob, and a couple orders of steamed dumplings. A hour later, though, I was starving, and ended up buying a giant soft pretzel (about the size of a dinner plate) and ate 90% of it myself. Then I bought Italian ice and shared it with my niece. It could have been worse (I definitely had my eye on the funnel cake stand), but it also could have been better. It all evened out, though: I made plenty of good decisions that outweighed the poor ones, and although I felt a little guilt, it didn’t last long.

All told, it was a great trip, both in a general sense and in regards to my health. I don’t get to see my family often, so that’s always a blast. Plus, it feels good to walk back into my home after a few days away and not feel like I totally derailed myself in the time that I was gone.

Keep it up, David!



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