More Photos From Paris

Look, it’s me and my dad!


This photo was taken last week, when I went to Las Vegas to visit my dad, who was there for a conference. We stayed at the Paris Hotel and Casino, where I completed a kick-ass workout in the stairwell (read about it here). This post is about everything else!

The last time I wrote extensively about my dad was last summer, when I revealed how he had lost 40 pounds. Update: He’s kept off a majority of those pounds. Keep it up, Dad!

My trip to Vegas was short: I landed at 10pm on Tuesday night, and left at 10am Thursday morning. Tuesday night consisted of settling into the hotel. My dad got a sandwich, too, as he was hungry after his 4-hour flight. My flight, meanwhile, was 45 minutes, so I had dinner at home at 7pm before leaving for the airport.

Speaking of my flight, it was awesome. The plane could hold 130-140 people, but there were only 25 people on my flight. I had a whole row to myself!


The in-flight magazine had instructions on how to make an origami dollar bill hummingbird, so I spent the duration of the flight making this little present for my dad:


Wednesday was a fun, full day. My dad registered for his conference while I climbed stairs, and we met up after for a late breakfast/early lunch. We both wanted breakfast food, so we hit the Sidewalk Cafe at Bally’s, the hotel next door that’s connected to the Paris. Don’t get your hopes up about people watching at the Sidewalk Cafe, because there’s not a sidewalk in sight. This poorly-named establishment is buried deep in the casino, without a single window to the outside world. But they do serve breakfast until 2pm, so I was able to get a veggie egg-white omelet with dry wheat toast and fruit:


After eating, we checked out the big landmark that’s hard to avoid in Paris…


…the Eiffel Tower!

At 541 feet tall, it’s exactly 1/2 the size of the actual tower in France. There’s an observation deck near the top, about 46 stories up, so we headed up there to check out the view. (As much as I wanted to take the stairs, they were for emergency use only.) The view was spectacular. Because Paris is centrally located on the strip, you could see most of the hotels in all directions. The interesting exception was the Stratosphere, home to the Scale the Strat stair race that I competed in a few months ago. Even though the Stratosphere is the tallest structure in Las Vegas, it could barely be seen, because it was pretty far away, and blocked by the Wynn and Encore. The red arrow is pointing to the top of the Stratosphere:


The view in the opposite direction was more interesting, because it included all the fun signage:


A kind stranger took this shot of my dad and me:


Shortly after descending, we hit the casino floor to meet up with one of my dad’s best friends, who was arriving that day. After catching up in a casino bar (Diet Coke for me), we jumped in a cab and headed down the strip to Luxor and got tickets to see Criss Angel’s show “Believe.” I lost $20 in a slot machine before the show began. I’m a big fan of magic, and Criss Angel’s show was full of magically appearing people and motorcycles, and he did that trick I’ve seen him do on TV where he puts 5 razor blades in his mouth and then threads them with a string using his tongue.

After the show, we had dinner at the Luxor, at a place called Public House. I ordered the Flatiron Steak Salad, dressing on the side, and it was a big salad:


We headed back to Paris, and my dad hit the sheets (he was three hours ahead, thanks to time zones). I wasn’t tired yet, so I headed out and wandered the strip a little bit. I saw the final dancing fountains show of the night at the Bellagio across the street, and wandered through the Cosmopolitan, which is super swanky and chic. I got hungry while I was out, and picked up a bag of Chex Mix to munch on.

The next day, my dad’s conference was in full swing, and I headed to the airport for my 10am flight. Before I left, I made my dad a maze he could work on if he got bored during his meetings:


Speaking of mazes, have you checked out my Etsy Maze Shop lately? Lots of mazes, and prices start at just a few bucks!

I bought and ate an apple while I waited at the airport. I forgot to photograph it, but here’s a description: It was red.  Forty-five minutes later, I landed in Burbank and headed home.

My traveling for the month isn’t over. This weekend, I’m headed to Colorado to visit my sister and her family, and I look forward to another trip filled with exercise and good food choices. You bet I’ll share it here on the blog!

Keep it up, David!


3 Responses to More Photos From Paris

  1. Sarah Van Houten says:

    Sounds like a great short trip!

  2. Leslie says:

    Good golly what a great maze! Very tricky, I can’t imagine just drawing that out. How long does it take you? What is your technique?

    • David says:

      Thank you, Leslie! This was just a doodle on notebook paper, it took less than an hour. You should check out the mazes on my Etsy page (click here) – some of those take 4 hours! First I plan the theme, then get to work drawing paths, making sure I leave an open path so it can be solved!

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