May Weigh-in Results and April Workout Calendar

It’s the start of a new month. Weigh-In Time! I’ve already updated my chart:


DOWN 1 POUND. I’ll take it! I’m kinda impressed that I’ve been so consistent over the past few months. I know my body has changed for the better at least a little during these months – I can feel it and see it, and it’s evident during some of my workouts, and because of that, I’m trying to not put so much importance on the actual number. Easier said than done, but it’s a noble goal. My overall health is most important, not what the scale says.

My entire weight loss chart:


A weight of 243 puts my current weight loss at 159 pounds – and I’ve kept that off for over three years! Damn!

I mentioned that I can feel and see changes in my body during my workouts, and here’s why: I’ve been working out like crazy. Here’s my April workout calendar:


Each day that I exercise gets a dot. When I take a class or lift weights, I modify the dot to reflect this. And I scribble a few notes so I can remember the workout.

In April, I worked out 26 out of 30 days!  That’s an 87% success rate. Three of those were classes at Slimmons (all led by Anne, an incredible teacher, as Richard Simmons has been out lately). Three of those were Powerwave Battle Ropes classes at my gym.  And 12 of them included weightlifting.

I also continued to log all the miles I complete doing cardio. I started April with 837.7 miles under my belt, and added to it all month long.


I finished April with 895.6 miles – that’s 57.9 new miles of running, elliptical, Arc trainer, and bicycle! (Check out my most recent cardio miles post for more context as to why I do this.)

Speaking of working out, I tried a machine at my gym for the first time the other night. It’s called a Jacob’s Ladder, and it’s tough!


A Jacob’s Ladder is a never-ending ladder at a 45-degree angle. You start climbing, and the rungs move in a big circle, like the stairs on a StairMaster or the belt on a treadmill, so there’s always new rungs to climb. You use your whole body, and it gets your heart rate up! I was on it for 5 minutes, and burned nearly 100 calories, and my heart rate was in the aerobic zone nearly the entire time. Here’s a short video of someone on a Jacob’s Ladder (he starts with his hands on the side rails – I had them on the rungs the entire time).

Afterwards, I spoke with my former trainer Mo, who said that the Jacob’s Ladder is best used for intervals and short-term work. It’s a fun way to switch up cardio, and I look forward to using it again!

Keep it up, David!

PS: Congrats to Pat in Burbank for winning my Las Vegas Prize Package Giveaway! His goodies are already in the mail.


2 Responses to May Weigh-in Results and April Workout Calendar

  1. Sarah Van Houten says:

    NICE JOB!!!!

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