Siggi’s Yogurt GIVEAWAY!

It’s been a while since I’ve done a giveaway, but recently, the perfect opportunity presented itself. My friend Joanne got coupons for free yogurt directly from Siggi’s, and she gave me a few. I’ve decided to pay it forward. Keep reading to learn how you can win two free cups of Siggi’s Yogurt!


Siggi’s is technically skyr, an Icelandic-style strained yogurt. I don’t know how long Siggi’s has been around, but I’ve only recently begun noticing it on store shelves. Whole Foods stocks a bunch of flavors – 8 or 9 in all, including some I’ve never seen in the yogurt aisle before, like Mango Jalapeno and Orange Ginger.


I picked up a cup of Orange Ginger, to try something new, as well as a Blueberry, because blueberry is my favorite yogurt flavor.


This stuff is good. It’s super thick, and light at the same time. It holds its shape when you spoon is out, which regular yogurt doesn’t do.


Flavors are bold and not overly sweet. It’s creamy and satisfying. I loved the ginger part in the Orange Ginger flavor. And best of all, because it’s strained, it has more than double the protein of other yogurts, and only 90-110 calories (depending on the flavor).

And now YOU can try Siggi’s and see what you think – without paying a penny! The first photo in this post is of two Gift Certificates. Each is for a free 5.3 ounce cup of Siggi’s. They expire on 7/31/14. Want to win them? All you gotta go is sign up to become a Keep It Up, David email subscriber!

Signing up is easy: Look for the “Sign Me Up” box at the top of the right-hand column on this very page. Enter your email address in the field, hit the “Sign Me Up” button, and KAPOW! You’ve entered yourself in the giveaway. And you’ve signed up to receive my blog posts via email, so you can read them at your convenience without the hassle of logging into the interwebs (which is a Herculean chore, no?)

Here’s some fine print: Every new subscriber that signs up between 12:01am on Tuesday, 3/18/14 and 11:59pm on Friday, 3/21/14 is automatically entered to win. After the deadline passes, I’ll count the number of new subscribers, and, using a random number generator, pick one at random as the winner. I’ll reach out to you at the email address you subscribed with (so it better not be phony!), and you’ll have two days from the date and time of my email to respond with your mailing address. After you do that, I’ll pop the coupons in the mail, and soon, you’ll be enjoying some free yogurt! If you don’t respond in two days, I’ll pick another winner and start the process again.

A couple other things:

  • If you’re already a subscriber, you might not see a “Sign Me Up” box at the top of the right-hand column, because it gets replaced with a “You Are Following This Blog” box. What you can do is get a friend to sign up on their computer, and if they win, you two can split the coupons!
  • After you enter, leave your name in the comments section, so I can match up names and entries (not mandatory, but it would be helpful!). Don’t worry – the only person who can see your email address, whether you leave a comment or sign up as a subscriber, is me.

Good luck!

OK – I’m off to go exercise. The plan is to spend at least 45 minutes on the bike at the gym, during which I think I can ride somewhere between 11 and 12 miles.

Keep It Up, David!

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