March Weigh-In AND My Next Two Races

Yikes! I’m over a week late with my March weigh-in results! I didn’t actually weigh myself until the 4th, after getting back from Las Vegas, and I delayed this post to get all three of my Vegas posts written and published (read them here, here and here).

Let’s not delay things any longer!


I stayed even. I’ll take it. Maintaining is a win! My weight of 243 pounds means I’ve lost 159 pounds. Here’s my whole chart:


In other news, I let my birthday slide by last week without saying a peep on the blog. It wasn’t a conscious decision – that, too, was a consequence the Vegas posts. I’m now 35 years old, and had a great, low-key birthday – work, then a killer 2-hour workout at the gym, then some of my favorite shows on TiVo while responding to a bunch of calls, texts and emails from family and friends.

I had treated Vegas as a birthday trip, and continued treating myself this past weekend with an exciting expenditure that combines entertainment and exercise. I’d say more, but I’ll be blogging about it soon!

The day after my birthday, I went to class at Slimmons. Richard Simmons wasn’t there (he wasn’t feeling well), but Anne led a fantastic, difficult class. After class, Anne and Sherri (the Slimmons manager) led everyone in singing me “Happy Birthday,” and Sherri gave me the traditional Slimmons birthday present: a tiny Richard Simmons doll, jumping out of a cake:


That picture was taken at dinner after class. I went with my friends Gerri and Joanne to Fresh Corn Grill, and we had a nice time catching up. When I got home, I added my new Richard Simmons collectible to the others I’ve gotten during previous birthdays.


Finally, in race news, I’ve signed up for my next two stair climb races! They’re both in less than a month, and that excites me, because I’ve been training like crazy, and I can capitalize on that in a couple more buildings.

One-American-Plaza-San-DiegoFirst, I’m heading to San Diego, where I’ll be racing up that city’s tallest building, One American Plaza (photo on the left). As skyscrapers go, it’s a baby – the race is only 32 stories and 657 steps (compared to the tallest building I’ve climbed, US Bank Tower, which has 75 stories and 1,679 steps). But a race is a race, and I’m excited for one that will be a little more sprint-like and less a test of endurance.

San Diego is on March 30th, and then on April 5th, I’ll be racing up the Aon Center in downtown Los Angeles (photo below). This will be the third year in a row I’ve done the Aon Center race, and I’m looking forward to setting a personal best time. I climbed the 63-story, 1,377-step Aon Center in 17:21 last year, and in 15:24 a year earlier, so I already have my goal!

Aon-Center-Los-AngelesBoth races benefit the American Lung Association, and I have a fundraising minimum for each so that I can compete. That means it’s time for the awkward part… where I ask you for money. 

If you would be so kind as to consider financially supporting one of my races, I would be enormously grateful! The money goes to a great cause, and you’d make me the happiest camper around.

So grab your wallet, and click one of these links! (Or click both, and be a super-duper-star!)

CLICK HERE TO DONATE in support of my San Diego race.

CLICK HERE TO DONATE in support of my Los Angeles race.

Seriously, make a donation and I’ll give you a GREAT BIG VIRTUAL HUG. And if I know you in person and you’re local, you can go ahead and remove the word ‘virtual’ from that sentence!

I know how annoying it is to be hit up for money again and again, so this will be the only time I ask. No point in waiting for me to remind you! Go make a donation now!

I’m still super-dedicated to my training for these races. Just two hours before writing this post, I ran nearly 3 miles AND ran up and down 40 flights of stairs. And I did it all without stopping!

Keep it up, David!

3 Responses to March Weigh-In AND My Next Two Races

  1. Sarah Van Houten says:

    Congrats on maintaining

  2. Bev Jull says:

    I have a Richard holding a piece of Birthday cake from my visit for my birthday last fall . . . wish I lived close and could make Slimmons a birthday tradition.

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