I Love the Omelet House in Las Vegas!

Plus, exciting news at the end of this post!

Despite the great food at the Bellagio and Wynn that I blogged about yesterday, my favorite meal during my Las Vegas trip was at a diner a couple miles from the Strip. We wanted a quick meal before the drive back to LA, and this place showed up as a nearby option. We didn’t know a lick about it before pulling up, and it was a fantastic surprise.

It’s called the Omelet House, and there’s not much to look at on the outside:

Inside, though, was a whole different story. It was full of vintage figurines, toys, artwork, and knick-knacks, and a slew of signed headshots from Vegas headliners and local celebrities. Apparently Omelet House has a lot of fans! I loved the mural that dominated one wall:


And every available surface had something fun to look at:


I loved the artwork in our booth:



And Tavi loved the winking cow cookie jar:


And the food? Delicious. They’re not kidding around when they say that they’re the Omelet House – there are about 50 omelets on their menu! I love omelets, so I didn’t even consider anything else, but I just looked at the menu online, and it features all your regular breakfast diner favorites, as well as burgers, sandwiches, chili, and more.

I ordered the Health Nut Omelet (zucchini, green peppers, mushrooms, onions, jack cheese), but I had them hold the cheese and substitute egg whites. Then I swapped the potatoes for fruit, and got whole wheat toast (dry), which I ate with a little blackberry jam. Iced tea washed it all down.


It was a fantastic, huge, guilt-free breakfast, and I loved every bite. Check out Omelet House next time you’re in Vegas (there are three locations, but we were at the original, which has been around for 35 years). It’s a nice getaway from the flashing lights and noisy casinos that tend to bug me after a while, but still brimming with charm and character and a very attentive and friendly wait staff.

One more thing: I have exciting news! Thanks to my 15:06 time at the Scale the Strat race, I jumped over 800 spots in the US Amateur Stair Racer rankings. I’m now ranked #585 in the country! (among males, out of nearly 14,000) That’s 95th percentile!


9 Responses to I Love the Omelet House in Las Vegas!

  1. Great Job David! Always inspiring to read about your journey. Through the highs and lows you have always moved forward. I tell people our journey is not a straight line! Those steps are taking you to new highs! Keep it up 🙂
    PS Love the omelet pics.

    • David says:

      Thank you, Mike! You’re absolutely right: no matter what’s going on, it’s important to always move (and look) forward! Hope you’re well!

  2. Kelly Bo-Belly says:

    585th?! WAY TO GO, DAVID!!

  3. I will definitely check it out next year at the stratosphere climb! Loved reading your write up about the Strat also.

  4. Dana says:

    Simply awesome!!!

  5. Madeleine Fontillas Ronk says:

    I loved reading all your write ups about Vegas and the climb! Congrats on your meteoric rise up the rankings – you truly earned it! You continue to motivate and inspire me, and I thank you for that!

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