No More Blog Posts This Week? That Was A LIE!

Remember how I suggested that my last post would be the final one of this week? I LIED! This week has turned around nicely from a crappy one to exactly the opposite, and I wanted to chronicle that change properly.

There are a couple reasons that contributed to the turnaround:

Employment. I got a short-term gig that I’m very excited about. It’s only about a month of work, and I only started a few days ago, but it’s already challenging and fun. And, I get to work from home, and I can’t beat a 20-foot commute from my bed to my dining table/desk! I’m not gonna share who hired me or what I’m doing, so don’t ask!

Secondary Side Business Venture. I will be talking all about this, but it deserves a post of its own. That’ll come next week.

The Power of Positive Thoughts. I’ve been skeptical about thinking positively in the past, because it hasn’t always been effective when I’m struggling with depression. This week, though, it’s really worked, and a lot of you played a big part in that. Your response to my “I Wish I Could Stop” post was absolutely overwhelming. Comments. Emails. Messages. Texts. Tweets. You all said so many supportive, affirming, wonderful things.

I’ve said this before, and I’m sure I’ll say it again: Often times, my only goal while writing is to work through and process what I’m thinking and feeling, so I can deal with it and move on. So every time I write something that resonates the way that post seemed to resonate, I’m surprised and floored. It’s touching how many of you took time out of your day to reach out, share, and virtually give me a hug or a pat on the back. I appreciate it so very much.

The combo platter of your words and thoughts along with my own affirming internal monologue provided abundant fuel for positivity all week long. I thought good things when I woke up. I thought good thoughts when I looked in the mirror. I used good thoughts to power through workouts. And for me, this week, it worked.

Exercise. In “I Wish I Could Stop” I mentioned that all it took was a few good workouts to shake off the rust. And I’ve kept that momentum going and had a few more good workouts. Exhausting cardio on Monday. A great class at Slimmons on Tuesday. Lower body weights on Thursday.

On Wednesday, I took my second Powerwave Battle Ropes class, which is a brutally difficult class that involves cardio, strength training, core work, and throwing ropes around like a madman (read about it here). In addition, I did a full cardio workout that night too, which meant I spent 2 hours getting it done at the gym.


I’m beat, but I don’t look that sweaty, and that’s because my entire shirt, sleeves and all, are soaked. Well done!

Speaking of working out, do any of you drink energy drinks? I’ve never had a Red Bull in my life, nor a 5-Hour Energy, but I did try a product this week called Spark that’s made by Advocare. It’s a 45 calorie, sugar-free supplement (sweetened with sucralose and maltodextrin) that’s loaded with vitamins and amino acids.


I tried the Fruit Punch flavor. The package says to dilute the powder in 8 ounces of water, but I knew that would probably be to sweet for me, so I went ahead and diluted it in 33.8 ounces (a liter).


It was good! Not too sweet, good flavor, and I didn’t feel wired, jittery or ready to bounce off the walls, like I thought I might. I did feel a pep in my step, and it helped me power through the aforementioned 2-hour workout, so that’s a good thing. My friend since high school, Emily, is an Advocare Independent Distributor, you can learn more about Spark and Advocare by checking out her website. It has a super-sexy photo of Emily wearing her barely-there feathered ballroom dancing costume, and that’s reason enough to click through!

I got one more cardio workout to complete tomorrow and then I’m due for a much needed rest day.

Keep It Up, David!

11 Responses to No More Blog Posts This Week? That Was A LIE!

  1. Ice_Badger says:

    this is awesome 🙂
    It is excellent to read that your week turned around (or should I say you turned your week around 🙂 ) so well!


    I do think that maybe you should have gone to the gym in your celebration tutu…

  2. I’m the Emily that David is talking about and just wanted to follow up and say that I love Advocare! I did the “24 day challenge” and although it’s a little pricy ($190), it was worth it. It taught me how to eat cleaner and healthier and on top of that… I got super toned (for my ballroom dance hobby), had more energy, and felt healthier. Great jump start!
    Spark is my favorite product but they also have a great supplement called “carb-ease” that helps digest carbs instead on storing them (helps on the occasional pasta/pizza/beer night).
    The 10 day herbal cleanse is a great detoxifier without starving yourself. I would never call it a diet because you definitely eat (proteins,veggies,fruit,light complex carbs) and it’s not depriving! Feel free to email me if you have any questions. I would love to help!

    • David says:

      Thanks for all the great info, Emily! PS everyone – I’ve also tried the Mandarin Orange flavored Spark, and I like it! Tastes more like OJ than orange soda, which is always a Plus in my book.

  3. Felise says:

    David, you continue to inspire with your thoughtful and honest blog! When you post here I get an email which I enjoy stopping my day and reading your insightful words. Thank you for being you and writing and publishing your life. And just so you know you help me to “Keep it up, Felise”!

  4. Pat says:

    I was going to leave a witty comment, but am going to check out the aforementioned Emily photo now. Bye.

  5. Dana says:

    Terrific Post! So happy that your week turned around and that things are looking brighter. I’m having a heck of a week and I think it is due to the gloom and doom that comes this time of year in the Pacific NW. I really have to fight to keep my spirits up and then eating becomes a challenge….all I want is the stuff that is not healthy at all. I’ve lived here for 10 years and every winter it is a fight and I still have not figured out a way to make healthy progress during the winter. Once again your blog is a huge inspiration. Thanks!

    • David says:

      You’re welcome! I understand what you mean about the gloomy weather – I grew up in Michigan. It’s a tough battle, but do your best. If you’re craving heavy soups and stews, make healthier versions. Since it’s too cold to work out outside, pop in a DVD. Do something! And KEEP IT UP!

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