2013 Year-End Progress Report

Time to close the books on 2013! Because I’m a big nerd, I log all my workouts in my calendar. I notate how long I exercised and what I did. This easily allows me to keep track of how many workouts I’ve done in a given week, and reminds me of which workout (weights or cardio) I’m due to complete next. Every day that I exercise gets a dot on the calendar. Here’s my December ’13 calendar, which I accidentally photo-bombed with my own toes:


All in all, I worked out 22 times during the 31 days of December, including 1 class at Slimmons and 3 weightlifting sessions. I was light on weightlifting because of my rib injury, and that injury is why I went almost a week without working out at all.

For the past couple of years, I’ve set a goal to work out more times than I did the year before. I was able to calculate a few months ago that I wouldn’t be able to reach that goal in 2013, and that’s okay. But I am curious about my 2013 workout totals, and I also need to set the goal for 2014, so that means it’s time for my…


First, some history:

Now, let’s go through the month-by-month totals for 2013:

  • January 2013: Workouts on 15 of 31 days. 3 classes at Slimmons.
  • February 2013: Workouts on 18 of 28 days. 3 classes at Slimmons.
  • March 2013: Workouts on 19 of 31 days. 4 classes at Slimmons.
  • April 2013: Workouts on 10 of 30 days. 1 class at Slimmons.
  • May 2013: Workouts on 8 of 31 days. 2 classes at Slimmons.
  • June 2013: Workouts on 17 of 30 days. 1 class at Slimmons.
  • July 2013: Workouts on 26 of 30 days. 4 classes at Slimmons.
  • August 2013: Workouts on 15 of 31 days. 1 class at Slimmons.
  • September 2013: Workouts on 26 of 30 days. 2 classes at Slimmons.
  • October 2013: Workouts on 26 of 31 days. 4 classes at Slimmons.
  • November 2013: Workouts on 24 of 30 days. 1 class at Slimmons.
  • December 2013: Workouts on 22 of 31 days. 1 class at Slimmons.

I was reminded, while going through my calendar, of all the health issues I had in 2013. In addition to the rib injury, I sprained my foot at the end of July, and had that operation in May that kept me away from the gym for over a month. There were also some other tough times when I was struggling with motivation, and those, too, helped lower my workout totals.

But all that is in the past. With the help of my trusty abacus, I can add up all the workouts I did complete and see that my Grand Total is…

226 workouts in 2013! Given that there were 365 days, that means I worked out 62% of the time. Given the circumstances, that’s not too shabby!

Some other stats:

  • I attended 27 of Richard Simmons’ classes at Slimmons. This is also less than in 2012.
  • My workouts average about an hour each, so that means in total I spent 9.4 days in 2013 exercising!
  • Add up my workouts from 2011, 2012, and 2013, and I’ve worked out 770 times in the past three years!

That brings me to my 2014 goal, which is the same goal I’ve had the past two years: to work out more than I did the year prior.  And, for the last two years, I haven’t met that goal… but 2014 is going to be different! I will work out more that 226 times. Just wait and see!

Keep it up, David!

8 Responses to 2013 Year-End Progress Report

  1. An excercise calender is a great idea! I’m going to start mine today. I saw an interview you did on Home and Garden and then went to your website. Your story inspired me to start walking. On 1/2/14 I started with 500 steps. Today I did 1400 steps. Thanks for the great idea!

  2. SarahGarcia77@yahoo.com says:

    Great year David!

  3. Dot2Trot says:

    I love this! I have a notebook that I bring to my trainer and she writes down my workouts. But I never think to use it to track my goals (D’oh!). Usually I don’t look at it until I do a muscle workout without her. Plus I don’t write down when I do my yoga or spin classes, walking and interval training. I think I’m making a trip to Staples this morning! Thanks for the idea. This is really inspiring. I always find great ideas at your site.

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