Nothing Beats a FLAT!

I promised last time that this post was going to be about food, but there’s been a change of plans. And for that I can thank… my flat tire.


The original plan was this: 1) Go to Slimmons. 2) Go grocery shopping after Slimmons. 3) Blog about said purchases and other food-related topics. 4) Bedtime.

Then I got invited out to dinner after Slimmons to celebrate my friend Gerry’s 92nd birthday. And that is not an offer you pass on! Gerry is a wonderful woman who I met at Slimmons when I first started going there 4 years ago. She’s been exercising her entire life, and is in amazing shape. I can only hope to be as healthy as she is at that age! Here’s me and Gerry from last summer (and our friend Joanne on the right), when we were back-up dancers in a Richard Simmons music video:


This altered my plan. The new plan was as follows: 1) Go to Slimmons. 2) Go to dinner for Gerry’s birthday. 3) Go grocery shopping after dinner. 4) Bedtime. 5) Wake up and blog about said purchases and other food-related topics.

The first two items on this plan went swimmingly. Richard Simmons led an energetic class with great music. I did a lot of sweating. Then, dinner was lovely. It was the three of us pictured above, plus our friends Ben and Danny. We went to a restaurant in West Hollywood called Fresh Corn Grill, where I got a grilled vegetable salad topped with salmon, dressing on the side.

After dinner, I walked back to my car, pulled out of my parking spot, and promptly knew something was wrong. I pulled into another parking spot a block down Santa Monica Boulevard, and saw the flat.

Believe it or not, but this is the third blog post I’ve written about changing a flat tire. I got two flats within weeks of each other in late 2010. I changed one in my parking garage, and the other in the parking lot of a Burger King.

This was the first time I’ve changed a flat at night, so it was slow going, but I changed it myself, and burned a few calories in the process, I’m sure. Here’s my car with the flat tire removed…


…and with the spare tire put on…


…and here’s what caused the flat:


That puncture is no joke. Did someone just walk by and stab it with an ice pick?!? Shady.

Anyhoo. After the new tire was on, I just wanted to go home. No grocery store tonight. I’ll go in the morning.

Keep it up, David!


6 Responses to Nothing Beats a FLAT!

  1. Molly Jarrett says:

    Sorry about your flat…they are a pain! At least you had a nice evening with friends!

  2. Sorry about your flat (and the fact that you’ve had to change and blog about it 3x!).

    Would love to go to Slimmons in February. Any chance we can meet up?

  3. Pat says:

    Pay your Slimmons dues and those “accidents” won’t happen.

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