I’m in Utah! (Not Really.)

Hey, remember my Cardio to Vegas challenge? In June, I challenged myself to do enough cardio to take me the 274 miles from my home in Los Angeles to Las Vegas, Nevada. It was a virtual journey: I logged all the miles I completed running, biking, and on the elliptical, and plotted my progress on a map. It was an awesome and effective challenge – read more about it on my Cardio to Vegas page.

Even though I reached my goal in September, I’ve still been logging the miles I complete during my cardio. They say that old habits die hard, and this is proof! For the first time since reaching my goal, I’ve plotted my progress on a map. Wanna see where I am now?

I’m in Utah!

LA to Utah

As of December 1st, I’ve logged a total of 420 miles. My new stopping point in 146 miles beyond Las Vegas, on a stretch of Interstate 15 outside Hurricane, Utah.

I’m completely unfamiliar with southern Utah, although I’ve heard it’s absolutely beautiful. The region is littered with state and national parks – this stopping point is closest to Zion, which has been a National Park since 1919. Yup, Zion National Park sure is beautiful!


I had to dig a little about the town of Hurricane, as well. I was curious about how that name came about, especially since Hurricane is thousands of miles from where hurricanes strike. Turns out the name came from a early Mormon leader who was traveling through the area in 1896 when a heavy wind blew the roof off his buggy. Because of this, he named a nearby hill Hurricane, and the name stuck as the town grew.

I’ve never been to Hurricane, Utah – and I’m not sure I’ll ever go. But if you go, know this: the name has a funny pronunciation. If you pronounce it “her-ah-kun,” like the locals do, you won’t stand out.

I’m going to continue logging my cardio miles, because I have an easy system down and it’s habitual. I currently don’t have any goals, but I’ll probably do a little check up like this every few months or so. It’s fun to see where my exercise takes me!

Keep it up, David!

2 Responses to I’m in Utah! (Not Really.)

  1. SarahGarcia77@yahoo.com says:

    On your next run stop and say hi to me in Denver!

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