Richard Simmons’ Craziest Wig AND Catch Me On Australian TV!

One of the fun things about taking Richard Simmons’ aerobics classes is that Richard likes to dress up, and you never know what what he’s going to be wearing when he walks in the door. Lately, he’s been sporting a lot of wigs, and the wig he wore last night was the craziest one yet:


(That’s my friend Tracy on the left. I hadn’t seen in her in months.)

All the music was rock ‘n’ roll, and Richard started class wearing a vintage Metallica t-shirt over his standard tank top. It was a fun class. (Read more about what goes on during one of Richard’s classes here.)

And there was a camera crew there, too! The van was parked right out front when I pulled up.


Before class started, Richard was interviewed for an Australian TV show called “Sunrise.” It’s a morning show, like “Today” or “Good Morning, America” – although in Australia they call those types of shows ‘breakfast shows.’ The interview was transmitted LIVE via satellite to Australia – meaning that Richard had an earpiece in his ear and was asked questions by the show’s host, who was on the other side of the planet. Pretty cool.

The interview will air on “Sunrise” (which is on Channel 7 in Australia) on Thursday morning. In addition to Richard’s interview, the cameraman/producer filmed the entire class, and interviewed me after!

My interview was short and sweet. It was more of a sound bite than an interview. Twenty or thirty seconds tops. But I said my name and shared that in the four years I’ve known Richard and been coming to his classes, I’ve lost and kept off 163 pounds. Plus he got lots of footage of me working out during the class. Who knows if any of it will air or if it’ll end up on the editing room floor… but if you’re in Australia, tune in and let me know!

I’ll also keep my eye on the “Sunrise” website, in case they put it online.

If you have friends in Australia, let them know ASAP to tune in! I’m writing this as 12:15am on Wednesday, which means it’s already 7:15pm in Sydney – and “Sunrise” starts airing less than 12 hours from now!

Keep it up, David!


2 Responses to Richard Simmons’ Craziest Wig AND Catch Me On Australian TV!

  1. says:

    funny funny wig 🙂

  2. Chris Geraci says:

    Love it!

    Chris Geraci

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