Thanksgiving 2013: A Success!

Thanksgiving 2013 is over. It was a great day: lots of laughs, good times with family, and a 5-hour game of Risk, during which I managed to lose twice (I lost, then I took over my sister’s armies, and lost again). And, of course, there was a delicious, fantastic meal.

The day started early. My brother-in-law Justin always takes the lead on dinner, but we all help out. I chopped a ton of veggies, peeled a ton of potatoes, and steamed some broccoli for a side dish.

And, drum roll please…. I kept my pledge to not overeat! My Thanksgiving pledge had 4 parts. You can read lots about it here, but I’m gonna sum it all up below, as I go through each part and recap my day.

Here were my rules:

1) NO SECONDS. I will indulge in a reasonable portion of whatever food I want, and I give myself permission to enjoy that food, but I will not go back for more. This includes dessert.

Done and done!


The traditional first course at our Thanksgiving is an oyster soup. It’s not very healthy (lots of butter and cream), but I didn’t finish this whole bowl:


Main course, clockwise from top: roasted Brussel sprouts, green bean casserole, stuffing, turkey with cranberry sauce, mashed potatoes and gravy, steamed broccoli:


We made apple and pumpkin pies for dessert, and I had a slice of apple:


3) NO GRAZING. A new rule for 2013! I will not graze or pick at food as it emerges from the oven or gets transferred to serving platters or leftover containers. I must place all food that I intend to eat on a plate, and eat it at the dinner table.

I was tempted. This was the hardest rule to keep – especially during clean up. At one point I popped a piece of gum, which helped. But I didn’t cheat!

4) EXERCISE! A new rule for 2013! This one is simple: I will exercise on Thanksgiving Day.

Around 8:30 in the morning, I went for a run and ended up going about 3.2 miles. It was through a local park that had workout stations, so I stopped a bunch of times to do sit-ups, step-ups, push-ups, body curls, and jumping jacks. Total duration of exercise was 45 minutes.

There you have it! A successful, guilt-free, tasty holiday. I have a couple more days in Colorado before heading home, and I’m looking forward to more family time and a couple more workouts!

Keep it up, David!

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