Final Preparations Before the Big Race

In a short 48 hours, I’ll be stretching and warming up, just minutes away from starting my next stair climb race. The race is the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation’s Hike the Halo, and the route is up and down all the steps in all the sections throughout Angel Stadium. I’m been excited for a while now, but there have been some looming questions:

  • The route contains “over 2,000 steps” but it but it’s unclear if that count is of steps that you ascend, descend, or both. Plus, does “over 2,000 steps” mean 2,001 steps, or 3,000? It’s a vague figure.
  • The route contains a significant amount of running. You run from aisle to aisle, and, at the end, do an entire lap around the exterior of the stadium before crossing the finish line. How many miles/kilometers is the total route?

I’ve thought a lot about these questions as I’ve been training recently, mainly in regards to how I’ll pace myself during the race. But after last night’s workout, I’m not going to think about them anymore. Because last night’s workout was awesome, and I know I’m ready for this race. And I’d rather focus on that, and draw confidence from it, than wonder or worry about what I don’t know.

So what was this awesome workout? I’ll tell you!

Remember a couple weeks ago, when I wrote about running to a nearby 5-story parking garage and running up and down the stairs there? Well, I did that same workout again, but bigger and better. Last time, I ran there, and, without stopping, ran 10 loops (up one staircase, across the roof, down the other staircase, and back to the first staircase). After 10 loops, I was exhausted, so I took a little break before running home.

This time around, I ran there, and immediately started running the same loop. Instead of completing 10 loops, I did 13. Then, without a break, I ran all the way home. I didn’t stop at all!

Furthermore, last time around, I could only do 6 ascents up the stairs taking the steps 2 at a time, but this time, I did all 13 ascents that way.

But wait! There’s more! After reaching my house at the end, I was certainly tired and I could definitely feel the burn in my legs, but I wasn’t completely wiped out. I could’ve kept going. That was the best feeling of all!

IMG_7689Check out my RunKeeper stats: 3.26 miles total, and 569 calories burned! As you can see, it took me 42 minutes. Add in a few block walk to warm-up, and a shorter cool-down, and I was on the sidewalks for roughly 47-48 minutes.

More stats: The parking garage staircase has 74 steps, so in total I climbed 52 stories and 962 steps. I picked 13 loops as my goal for this workout on purpose – because 52 stories is one more than my other upcoming stair race, up the 51-story Figueroa@Wilshire building. I figured if I could climb 52 stories PLUS run a few miles at the same time, I’d be in good shape for that event, which is two Saturdays from today.

What I love move about this workout is that it nicely replicates what I’ll be doing at Angel Stadium. There’s running, and there’s stairs – both up and down – and you alternate between them as you progress through the course. Last night’s workout gave me the assurance I needed that I’m prepared for the big race, and now, I’m more excited than ever!

I won’t climb any more stairs before the race. I am going to work out today, although I haven’t decided yet what I’ll do. Saturday will be a much-deserved rest day. And then, on Sunday, it be… time to race! My next post will be a race recap, with lots of pictures from Angel Stadium. See ya then!


6 Responses to Final Preparations Before the Big Race

  1. That sounds crazy intense! I’ve never heard of these kind of races but I am intrigued…and a bit scared, ha.

  2. Amy says:

    Hey David! Just saw this post and want to say we are so excited for Hike the Halo and your participation and support of this event!! Sorry the course description wasn’t more detailed. Its hard to measure distance when the course is so much more vertical than horizontal. It is challenging and you will definitely need to pace yourself. If you do the Challenge Course vs Halo you will be doing obstacles as well. I encourage you to arrive early tomrrow and get a lay of the land. Program will start at 9:30 with anticipated first waive of runners beginning between 9:50 and 10am. At registration you will choose your course and if you would like to be timed.
    Hope that helps and see you soon!
    CFF, & Hike the Halo Director

    • David says:

      Whoa – thanks for stopping by and extra big thanks for the info, Amy! I’m out the door to head down to Hike the Halo – hope I get to meet you!

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