Busted By a Stranger

Guess where I’m writing this post! No, really. Guess!

If you guessed the juror assembly room at the Los Angeles County Superior Courthouse, you win! Three cheers for jury duty. I’m waiting to see if I’ll get assigned to a trial. Meanwhile, I got nothing but time to put together a blog post, so here goes!

Yesterday I returned, after a 37-day hiatus, to the pool. I felt pretty good in the water, and swam 3,200 yards in 70 minutes. How do I look with a swim cap and goggles?


Added bonus: they were filming a movie in the parking lot! I stayed for a few minutes and watched from afar as they shot a scene in a convertible.


A crew member told me the film is called “Sharon 123” (or something like that). I wonder if it’ll be any good.

In other workout news, a funny thing happened the other day. And by “other day” I mean roughly two weeks ago – before my lousy week happened.

I went running with my friend Tavi in Fryman Canyon. Fryman Canyon is a popular nearby hiking spot. I didn’t take photos this time, but I’ve shared photos before, in this post. It’s a beautiful area in the Hollywood Hills. I’ve hiked there many times, but hiking’s not good enough for Tavi. He likes to run the trails. It’s a challenging endeavor, because there’s some big elevation changes. But I’ve run the trails with Tavi before – I titled that post “Attempted Murder” – and I was up for running them again.

What happens when I go running with Tavi in Fryman Canyon is that Tavi gets ahead of me, because he’s faster. Then, every so often, he stops and jogs in place while I catch up. Running in Fryman is great exercise, and it’s brutal. I ran as much as I could, but ended up walking up some of the steeper inclines.

The story begins when we were near the end of our run. Tavi was a little ways ahead of me – already around the next bend, out of sight. I got to a fork in the trail. One way went downhill, the other went up. It had been a while since I had been on that trail, and couldn’t remember which way to go. I wanted to go down, which probably meant that Tavi went up. So I went up.

Did I mention that I was pretty exhausted by this point?

After a hundred yards or so, I passed a guy walking his two dogs. Apart from him and me, there wasn’t another soul on the trail. After about a quarter mile, I figured out that I had made the wrong choice. I turned around and headed back to the fork. Before I could make it all the way back, I found Tavi. He had come looking for me.

Tavi and I shared a good laugh about me going the wrong way, and started jogging the right way. Tavi goes, “I asked that man with the dogs if he had seen a guy running by, and the man goes, ‘um, do you mean power-walking? There was a guy power-walking.’”

BAM! BUSTED! The dude had busted me for not running! What a jerk! It’s not like there were lots of people on the trail and he had to differentiate me somehow. I was the only one! And instead of just confirming that a guy had passed, he ratted me out!

Furthermore, I challenge his definition of power-walking. I may not have been at a full-force run, but I was at least jogging!

Tavi and I laughed the entire way back to the car. I wasn’t embarrassed – I don’t need to prove anything to Tavi. It was funny more than anything else.

And, most importantly, it happened during a killer workout. The run/jog/power-walk/whatever was 3.4 miles, plus a hilly walking warm-up and cool-down. We did the run in about an hour, and it had an elevation change of about 400 feet. Not too shabby!

Keep it up, David!


3 Responses to Busted By a Stranger

  1. Tavi says:

    It’s true, you don’t have to prove yourself to me, but you have! i am so proud of you David! That trail is not an easy one, and I remember the way it went down your first time out! My, how times have changed! … and I can’t wait till we do it again!

  2. Val Scott says:

    Oh how I laughed. You made my day.

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