Success On the StairMaster

Yesterday’s post, about my stumble and fall off the wagon, was pretty depressing, but one of the best ways to get back on track is to focus on the positive. And I realized recently that I’ve been kicking ass and taking names in regards to one little component of my workouts, and now I’m really motivated to keep going!

Even though I’m currently training for two upcoming stair climb races, my exercise is pretty varied. That’s how I like it! In addition to stair climb workouts, like this one, I take exercise classes, lift weights, and do other types of cardio. I’ll often start my workouts with a 10-minute warm-up on the StairMaster. And what I can complete in 10 minutes has improved dramatically!


I started paying close attention to my warm-ups in the beginning of September, when I was preparing for the US Bank Tower stair climb race. At that time, I could climb 43 stories in 10 minutes, and I thought that was pretty good! (And it is!)

Each time I’ve returned to the StairMaster since then, I’ve pushed myself to climb a few more stories. I’ve systemically upped the speed at certain points throughout the 10 minutes to reach those goals. In total, I’ve done ten 10-minute StairMaster warm-ups, and during my most recent one, I climbed a total of 63 stories! In 10 minutes! That’s nearly a 50% increase since I began tracking this two months ago.

Climbing 63 stories in 10 minutes definitely warms me up, by the way. After that, I’m ready for whatever else I have planned!

My progress is exciting, because Hike the Halo, the stair climb race at Angel Stadium, is happening this weekend, and I want to be ready. It has over 2,000 steps – by far the biggest stair climb race I’ve competed in thus far. (Check out the course map here.) Then, a week later, I’m racing up a 51-story skyscraper! There’s lots of stair climb work ahead of me, and guess what? I. Will. Be. Prepared.

Speaking of those stair climb races, I want to thank all my generous donors. Between those two races, my goal was to raise $300 for the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation, and because of my amazing supporters, I’ve exceeded my goal and raised $380! All my donors get a big shout-out:

  • Chris and Ron R.
  • Laura G.
  • Linnea and Robert S.
  • Amy T.
  • Sarah V.H.
  • Annie and Dean F.
  • Emily S.
  • Joanne and Joe G.
  • Jennifer L.
  • Janet H.
  • Margo P.

You guys are the best! If you’d like to make a donation, you can do it here or here.

Keep it up, David!


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