It’s a New Week. Time to Get Back on Track! (Plus: Weigh-In Results!)

Check out what I got in the mail over the weekend – my first ever Keep It Up, David t-shirt!


I designed it myself and ordered it online – primarily because I have two big, exciting stair climb races coming up, and why not do a little self-promotion? Turns out the shirt arrived at a good time. I was in dire need to be reminded of my own motto, because last week was bad. Some things were out of my control, but I made plenty of bad choices too. I needed to get back on track, pronto. Here’s why:

First off, I was fighting a cold. It was never terrible, but it was bad enough to be disruptive and annoying. Secondly, I was feeling worn down. Probably partly because of the cold, and partly because my rigorous training and exercise routine caught up with me. I was feeling exhausted before I felt the cold coming on, and I easilyunderstand why: I’d been exercising 6 days a week for 9 consecutive weeks. (You can read more about my weekly exercise regimen in paragraph four of this post.) I haven’t been lazy, either – I’ve been pushing myself daily in preparation for the stair climb races, and finding ways to maximize my workouts, whether it’s trying a difficult new class or setting goals on a workout-by-workout basis.

All of this took its toll, and by Wednesday, I just needed a break. So I made that day a rest day, and wouldn’t you know it, a few hours later, I started feeling cold symptoms. Thursday (Halloween!) ended up being a rest day, too.

I’m fine with all of this – I won’t beat myself up because I got sick or took some extra rest days while I recovered. But I let my eating go to pot as well, and that’s something that I have full control of.

I started slipping a few days before I got sick – a bunch of little stuff that added up. I ate lots of junk food (including cupcakes, candy, and brownies – and second helpings of all of it) at a baby shower, instead of sampling the few things that looked most appealing. A stop at a gas station resulted in a full tank AND snacks.

But then, after I started feeling sick, things spiraled out of control. On Halloween, I bought a big bag of candy corn and a package of cookies. I ate all of it by the end of the day. One night I was really craving carbs, so I made a big pot of quinoa (probably 6-8 servings), and I ate it all in one sitting. It was 11pm when that episode happened.

All of these slip-ups are forgivable. I can’t be perfect all the time, and I need to own my actions (thank you, blog, for letting me do this publicly!), forgive myself, and move on. But what really bummed me out about the whole situation was that Friday was November 1st – my weigh-in day. I had set a goal to lose 5 pounds during October, and thanks to my actions last week, I came nowhere close to reaching it.

What specifically bugs me is that I was on-track to clobber that goal. I was over halfway there by the middle of October, and a few days before all this, I felt great and couldn’t resist stepping on the scale, and I weighed 238 – a six pound loss. I had reached and exceeded my goal. I even took a picture of the scale because I was so giddy:


But I update my weight loss chart at the beginning of each month, and when I weighed myself on November 1st, I saw a bigger number. Here’s the updated chart:


243. I gained 5 pounds in a week.

I know that other versions of this story can be told. There are lots of positives. I lost a pound during October, and that’s great. I’ve continued a losing streak that’s seen me lose 7 pounds over 3 months. That’s even better. That one pound puts my total weight loss at 159 pounds. That’s amazing!


Plus, in regards to the gain, it’s possible that some of those 5 pounds are water weight, or salt-induced bloat, or (my apologies for being blunt) I’d weigh less after the candy corn and cookies worked through my system and I had a good poo.

But I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t disappointed in myself, mainly because of the timing. I had a crappy week, and now it’s forever immortalized on my weight loss chart.

But, like I mentioned before, all I can do is forgive myself, move on, and get back on track. And I’m doing it. I started on Saturday by partaking in an activity that I love (and one that I would never do when I was heavy): scuba diving.

This day-long trip had been on my calendar for a little while now, but I’m glad it happened when it did, because I really needed it. I went on a scuba boat to Santa Barbara Island and dove with sea lions. I did this exact same trip in September, and shared incredible underwater pics and video, which you can see right here. This experience was very similarly awesome. I saw more sea lions than I did the first time, and spent nearly two hours hanging out with them on the bottom of the ocean. I don’t have any underwater images from this trip, but I snapped a couple pictures on the boat that I really like. Here’s Santa Barbara Island at daybreak…


…and a sunrise selfie!


It felt good to get away. I was able to forget about the choices I made over the course of the week, focus on an experience that is unique and thrilling, and return home ready to move forward.

So far, so good! My eating has improved greatly. No binges since Halloween! And my exercise is back on track, too. I wasn’t able to hit the gym on Saturday, thanks to the day-long scuba trip, but scuba is physically demanding, and I was tired by the end of the day. Then, on Sunday, I got right back into my exercise routine, and spent over an hour at the gym doing burpees and mountain climbers and other exercises that aren’t the most fun but are exhausting and wildly beneficial. It felt great. Tonight, I’m going to lift weights and take a cardio class.

I’m excited to be back in the swing of things, mainly because I have a stair climb race this weekend, and I want to be at the top of my game so I can rock it out. Speaking of stair climbing, I have a training update that I’ve been meaning to share, and I’m going to do that in my next post. Until then…

Keep it up, David!

One Response to It’s a New Week. Time to Get Back on Track! (Plus: Weigh-In Results!)

  1. That’s the key- IMO on successful long term maintenance is to catch lapses and re-lapses before you fall out of remission. As always I love your weight graphs.

    The graphs tell the story of your food template and help to remember what works and what does not. Love, Love, Love.

    Keep up the good work and the T-shirt is great. Glad you could take advantage of the good fall weather for the weekend dive.

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