Boing with Kangoo

I took a really fun, bizarre class at my gym the other night that involved wearing these crazy boots!


The boots are called Kangoo Jumps, and they’re basically boots with springs on them.

That picture was taken before class started, and I’m already sweaty because this was Part 2 of my workout. Part 1 was 50 floors on the StairMaster, stretching, and an upper body workout (chest presses, shoulder presses, lat pulldowns, rows, and the like).

I didn’t think I’d take to Kangoo Jumps. I’ve learned time and time again that I have no business strapping anything to my feet. I’m no good on roller skates or roller blades, and it was a major miracle that I could skate a lap around the rink when I tried ice skating a few years ago. I put that video on YouTube – get ready for a laugh! (I’m wearing blue shirt, tan pants)

But I like trying new things, and Boing with Kangoo was a new class that my gym was offering. I happened to be at the gym when the boots were delivered, so I saw the staff unpacking and prepping them and I was instantly intrigued. The first class that was offered filled up really quickly, but I got into the second class a week later. Here’s the close-up of the boot:


The boot is very similar to a ski boot in how it goes on and fits. The springs are a strange sensation, but it’s not like you’re bouncing to the ceiling with every step. It’s more like they cushion each step, but with a little effort, you can get some height!

The class itself was a pretty basic cardio aerobics-style class, with, of course, the boots. It was nonstop movement: running in place, various kinds of kicks and jumps and hops. This video will give a taste of what the class is like, although this was shot at a Crunch gym in New York and I didn’t have this instructor:

Boing with Kangoo is a blast! It’s a great workout, completely exhausting, and modifiable for people of different fitness levels. Because the springs absorb the impact, the workout is super low-impact on your body, and they make you use more muscles than you’d use without them, so you burn more calories.

In addition to making simple moves, like a Charleston dance step, more fun, the boots also make them more difficult. In addition, the springs made me really focus on balance, and staying upright was, at times, a little trickier. One of the hardest steps for me was a simple squat, because it required my entire lower body to stay balanced as I got lower. I felt this workout in my core and abs, and that was awesome. Plus, I was wearing my heart rate monitor, and it got my heart pumping. My heart rate was in the 150s or 160s for most of the class.

As a result, I was a LOT sweatier at the end of class than I was at the beginning!


This is DEFINITELY a class I’d take again!

Keep it up, David!


4 Responses to Boing with Kangoo

  1. loveablestef says:

    That looks so awesome, like so much fun!

  2. Catherine says:

    I’m pretty sure I would fall and hurt something. Even in flat shoes I’m not very steady.

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