Tune In Today! Plus, My New Recipe Page!

Got a little baby quickie post for you today with two exciting pieces of news:

1) Tune in TODAY – I’m going to be interviewed! I’ll be this week’s guest on KirstyTV, discussing my weight loss! KirstyTV is on online talk show hosted by a wonderful Australian woman named Kirsty Spraggon that features inspiring stories of all kinds. The interview will happen live. Yes, LIVE! (I better not muck this up!)  It starts at 1pm PST TODAY (Tuesday, October 8) on Google+. If you’re a Google+ user, be sure to add +KirstyTV to your circles so you can watch it live. Click here to access the KirstyTV Google+ page. And while you’re adding people to your circles, add me too by clicking here!

If you’re not a Google+ user, or aren’t free at 1pm PST, don’t fret. The interview will get posted to Kirsty’s YouTube Channel at 3pm PST, and after that, you can watch it whenever you like. And share it with all your friends and family. I’ll share a link to the interview on Facebook and Twitter (click those links to follow me!) once it’s posted, but in the meantime, click here for the KirstyTV YouTube Channel.

As for my other piece of news:

2) I’ve added an exciting new page to Keep It Up, David!  Every once in a while, I get asked why I don’t have a page that compiles all of the recipes I’ve published on here over the years. Well, I’ve finally listened! Introducing, my RECIPES page! You’ll find it in the second row of the heading, at the top of every page, or, you can just click right here.

There are about 40 recipes on there right now, and every time I blog about a new one, I’ll add it to the page. Compiling it turned out to be both a pain in the butt and quite fun – I found a bunch of recipes that I had completely forgotten about! I’ve been making smart choices for almost 4 years now, and blogging for over three, so that’s a lot of healthy food. And there’s lots more healthy food to come!

Keep it up, David!


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