Balls Out! PLUS: September Weight Loss Chart Update

Hope everyone had a fantastic long weekend! Mine was pretty nice and relaxing, and I worked out every single day. The highlight of those workouts was on Sunday, when I took a new exercise class that was really fun and effectively brutal.

The class was called BALLS OUT and it was held outdoors at Pan Pacific Park, a big park about 25 minutes south of me in Los Angeles. I heard about it from some Slimmons friends, and for this class, our little Slimmons crowd made up a majority of the 10 or so participants. BALLS OUT is the creation of Wes Ferguson, a West Hollywood-based personal trainer, and he describes it on his website as “a circuit training routine that keeps the heart rate up while using body resistance and a weighted medicine ball to build muscle.” That’s a pretty good description!

A medicine ball is about the size of a basketball, but they’re weighted to be anywhere from a couple pounds all the way up to 16 or 20 lbs. For this class, I worked with a 10-pound ball:


After some initial stretching, Wes led us through all sorts of exercises using the ball. Burpees. Squats. Lunges. Crunches. Three different kinds of pushups. Then more of everything. It was a tough class – very much like a boot camp. I did my best, and even though I struggled with the push-ups, I pushed myself and felt great. Wes was an informative instructor, and offered modifications for any exercise to anyone that needed them, and he’s a nice, friendly guy to boot. I’d take the class again.

I also really enjoyed working out outside, which is something I haven’t done in a while. The class was held in a shady pavilion that overlooked the entire park.


It was a great hour-long class. The Slimmons folks got a group photo afterwards, holding our balls:


From left to right, that’s Joseph, Ann, Wes the instructor, Laura, Alexander, Joanne, Ben, and yours truly.

After the class was over, Joanne invited me to join her for a walk. She’s in training for her second walking half-marathon, and wanted to go 5 miles. I said ‘Sure!’ and we set off. We did a couple big laps around the park – it’s a big park – and then walked an even bigger perimeter that included CBS Television City, The Farmers’ Market, and The Grove – all LA landmarks, if you’re familiar. After one hour and 38 minutes, our 5 miles were completed. I was pooped. Over 2 and a half hours of exercise!

Later that day, I awoke from a little nap with an unpleasant feeling: Pain! I went in the mirror and confirmed it: I was sunburned. Bad. Two and a half hours in the sun will do that to you if you’re not careful, and I was not careful.

Now I have a sharp-looking farmer’s tan/burn:


But it’s worse on the back of my neck:


And there’s even a little tan line on my forehead, from my bandanna:


Super awesome!

It’s now September 3rd, which means it’s time for my monthly WEIGHT LOSS CHART UPDATE! My August started off crappy – with my sprained foot and all – but I’ve been back on track for a couple weeks now, and that shows on the scale:


Down 2 Pounds! Moving in the right direction. That puts my current total loss at 154 pounds. Woo-hoo! Here’s my entire chart:


Keep it up, David!


12 Responses to Balls Out! PLUS: September Weight Loss Chart Update

  1. Karen P says:

    Glad to see your update, David. Love how the graph is showing all the good habits that you’ve put in over the month. I’m due for a graph update today or tomorrow.

    Keep up the good work. The sun was wicked hot over the weekend. Hope that burn heals up this week.

  2. Marc says:

    Hi David – I’m sure there’s an interesting story with Ben’s Olivia Newton John record album:)

    • David says:

      Good eye, Marc! The album was brought to honor the fact that parts of “Xanadu” were filmed in the park we were working out in, in an auditorium that later burned down.

  3. says:

    Congrats on the 2 lbs. That looks like one painful burn!

  4. Wes says:

    Great blog – glad you liked the class and I’m so happy to be part of your training. KEEP IT UP DAVID!!! 🙂

  5. Joanne says:

    OhMyGosh I am so sorry about your sunburn!!! Thanks for going walking with me. It was a great add-on to the Balls Out class and I had fun chatting with you!

  6. Val Scott says:

    I knew after all those posts that a weight loss would be the result. Fantastic!

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