A Visit to Sunland Produce

I was driving home the other day, and it occurred to me that my kitchen inventory was running low. I need to go to the store, I told myself, and minutes later, an answer presented itself. I was getting my mail, when a single sheet of paper somehow managed to break free from the bundle of Pennysaver circular ads that had been unceremoniously shoved into my mailbox. It was for a grocery store I had never heard of, and man, it was advertising killer prices!


Three pounds of apples for $1? Seven pounds of onions for $1? Holy crap, that’s awesome! (It also promoted flap meat for $4 a pound, and if you know what flap meat is, would you pretty please enlighten me in the comments section?)

The store is called Sunland Produce, and it’s about 10-15 minutes away, in a neighborhood called Sun Valley. While Sun Valley is directly north and east of of my neighborhood, I’ve never had much cause to hang out there, especially in the part of Sun Valley where the store is located. I’m most familiar with Sun Valley from the movie “Clueless” – when Cher and her friends head to the party in the valley, it’s in Sun Valley (although who knows where they actually filmed it).

Sidebar Fun Fact: Circus Liquor, the store with the giant clown sign where Cher gets mugged after fleeing Elton’s unwanted and aggressive advances, is a few miles down the road from me.  Sidebar Fun Fact #2: I’m only 1 degree away from Alicia Silverstone – my sister-in-law’s sister is childhood friends with her. Maybe one day I’ll meet Alicia somewhere, and I’ll eagerly pull out that connection, and we’ll become inseparable best friends. Or she’ll call security and have me hauled away. Either way, what a story it’ll be!

But I digress. Today I headed to the corner of Glenoaks and Sunland, to the produce mecca that is Sunland Produce.


The store is old and dated, but who cares? They have awesome prices. Here’s the interior:


And a close-up of their signage, featuring the old-timey numbers that can be swapped in and out. I don’t think I’ve seen these since my childhood.


The prices are pretty spectacular. I picked up half a dozen gala apples, and paid 58 cents for them – less than a dime an apple. Four bartlett pears cost me 42 cents. Blueberries were on sale for $1 a container, so I picked up two. Four bananas for 49 cents. Here’s my total fruit haul:


In addition to the items I already mentioned, I also picked up three black plums (38 cents), a bag of green grapes ($1.43), strawberries ($1.99), and 2 peaches (56 cents).

OH! They had a fruit I had never seen before! Do you know what these are?


They’re called jujubes and I know nothing about them. So I bought five, and I look forward to doing my research and figuring out what they are and how to eat them. It’s been a while since I’ve added an item to my Produce Aisle page, so this will be fun!

Sunland Produce also had these, which I had never seen before. They’re huge, about the size of a big watermelon:


These are jackfruit. My friend Heidi is a big fan of jackfruit and introduced me to them a couple years ago. Unripened young jackfruit can be used as a vegetarian pulled pork alternative (see Heidi’s recipe here), but that uses canned jackfruit. This is the first time I’ve seen it fresh and whole. I didn’t buy one… maybe next time.

The prices for veggies were similarly impressive. Fifty cents for a cucumber, seventy cents for four roma tomatoes. I picked up this one-pound bag of spring lettuce mix for $1.99:


And this bag of broccoli florets, which measures as long as my arm from elbow to fingertips, also cost only $1.99:


It’s a lot of broccoli. I may end up having to freeze some of it. Here’s all my veggies:


Two bunches of green onions = 26 cents. Two zucchini = 60 cents. Four brown onions = 24 cents. The savings go on and on!

Add it all up, and I only paid $18.29 for all of it. WOWSA.

I didn’t peruse the other sections of the store that much. I picked up a couple dozen eggs (and I’m sharing what I did with them in my next post), but didn’t head down the other aisles. I got a sense, just from looking around, that there are a lot of international items in the store, particularly Mexican and middle-eastern brands, so there’s plenty more for me to explore. Looks like I have a new awesome supermarket to add into my rotation!

Keep it up, David!

6 Responses to A Visit to Sunland Produce

  1. Sue says:

    Curious as to what “Flap meat/steak is, I looked it up on Wikipedia and this is it:

    Flap steak, or Flap meat is a beef steak cut. It comes from a bottom sirloin butt cut of beef, and is generally a very thin steak.
    The flap steak is sometimes confused with hanger steak as they both are thin and come from similar parts of the animal, most commonly cattle. The item consists of the obliquus internus abdominis muscle from the bottom sirloin butt. Sometimes mistakenly sold as Skirt steak.

    I don’t think I have every seen it in a store.
    Enjoy your blog very much, Keep it up, David!

  2. Marc says:

    This past year I’ve been eating mega salads and mini sweet peppers have become a favorite of mine. What a find! (Store with huge savings)

  3. Samantha Hsu says:

    Hi David! We have many grocery stores like this one out here in Ventura County…. and they sell lots of flap meat 🙂 The description above is technically correct, but in addition, you’re probably seeing it at this store because it is commonly used in recipes such as al pastor and carnitas. It does REALLY well marinated for a long time and cooked slowly. Enjoy!

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