I’m a Music Video Back-Up Dancer! WATCH IT HERE!

What an exciting day! Earlier this summer, I wrote about a really fun experience where I was a back-up dancer in a music video shoot. Well, the video is finished and on YouTube!

The video is for Richard Simmons’ new single, called “Hairdo.” Richard spent, in total, about 4 or 5 days filming it all over Los Angeles, but I was there on the first day of shooting, at Richard’s fitness studio, Slimmons. I’m not in any close-ups, and it’s definitely a blink-and-you’ll-miss-me situation, but I’m there, in the back, over Richard’s right shoulder.

There I am!


There I am again!


I think it’s pretty funny that I’m about a foot taller than everyone around me. Click here for some behind-the-scenes scoop and a few more pictures.

I’ve embedded the entire video below. You can also watch it on YouTube, and purchase “Hairdo” on iTunes (although it looks like it doesn’t officially get released until Sept. 3).

The video turned out great – lots of energy, lots of Richard interacting with tons of people, lots of wigs! Enjoy!

Keep it up, David!

3 Responses to I’m a Music Video Back-Up Dancer! WATCH IT HERE!

  1. this is amazing. i didn’t know i should have gotten your autograph in Portland!

  2. Sarah S says:

    You are famous again – I am now going to have that song stuck in my head!!

  3. Arlene Hittle says:

    That’s so fun … and catchy. I’m afraid I, too, will be singing it in my sleep.

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