It’s Been How Long Since I’ve Blogged?

Yikes – it’s been a little over a week since I’ve posted anything on here. I never intended to go quiet for so long, but it just sorta happened. It hasn’t been the greatest week, are struggles are never fun to write about, but these are the sort of weeks where blogging becomes more important. I started this site as a way to stay accountable, so if I don’t own up to what’s been going on, than what’s the point?

In a nutshell: my eating hasn’t been great and I haven’t been exercising, and I’m in a bit of a funk. It can all be traced back to Thursday of last week, when I woke with pain in my foot. It wasn’t unbearable – it felt like perhaps I slept funny on it or something, and I went about my day. That evening, I exercised on a recumbent bike. I thought I’d be fine, since that kind of bike is no-impact and doesn’t requiring putting any weight on my foot.

Big mistake. On Friday, the pain was much worse. I could barely walk. My foot wasn’t swollen or red, but somewhere, deep inside, I sprained something. I don’t know how or when it happened, but it happened. I started icing it, elevating it, and taking Aleve. Last weekend was spent mostly on the couch.

As this week progressed, my foot felt better and better. By Wednesday, I would say I was 80% back to normal. I didn’t work out on it, but thanks to a few errands and some evening plans with friends, my Wednesday was more active than the days before. Yesterday morning, I woke up and my foot was not happy. It had regressed. The pain was worse. So, back to the icing and elevating routine.

There’s not much you can do with a foot sprain except ice, elevate, and wait it out, so that sucks. And that’s why I haven’t been exercising.

My piss-poor eating, however, is definitely more within my control, and I must take ownership of the fact that I’ve been making bad decisions. They stem from an attitude that I’ve long battled with. It’s an all-or-nothing mentality, and this past week, I’ve been justifying unhealthy eating because what’s the difference? I’m not exercising.

I haven’t fallen completely off the wagon, like I did earlier this year, but I’ve been in a cycle where I’m alternating good and bad days. I tell myself that they’ll balance each other out, but it hasn’t been working out that way, and my scale is proof. More on that in a little bit.

The bad days usually start off good, and then something happens and all bets are off. I was at the supermarket a few days ago, and after picking up my fruits and veggies I ended up in a candy aisle, and two movie-theater-sized boxes of candy ended up in my basket. I ate them swiftly. Another day, I started craving Starburst, which I haven’t had in I don’t know how long, and I caved. At the store, there were a couple varieties of Starburst I had never seen before, and I couldn’t choose which one I wanted, so I walked out with three packages. I ate them all. On Wednesday, I bought a couple Power Ball lotto tickets, and left the convenience store with big bags of Cheetos and gummi bears, too. Spoiler alert: I didn’t win the $425 million.

To be fair to myself, my good days were good. Lots of veggies, lots of lean protein, smart carb choices. But it wasn’t enough. I was a few days late for my August weigh in, and, no surprise, I was up 4 pounds.


And I had been doing so good for a past couple months!

Okay, David, time to stop letting an injury justify shitty eating. Time to focus. Time to remember what you’re capable of, and how far you’ve come. Take a look, David, at your entire weight loss chart, because that’s an excellent reminder!


Don’t let a few crappy days become habit, David. Start right now, and eat good, healthy food, so when your foot heals and you’re ready to exercise, you get fully turn this ship around.

Oh, and one more thing…

Keep it up, David.

10 Responses to It’s Been How Long Since I’ve Blogged?

  1. Good luck! It’s sometimes hard to stop when you start, but try to think if anything’s triggering the craving? For me, I find if I start in with several days of pre-preparing healthy food, my will power to resist the bad stuff is much stronger. It’s easier for me to reach into my bag and eat my salad than it is to walk down the street and buy some junk.

    Anyway, you got this. You want this, you know you can do what it takes, so set yourself up to succeed and do it!

  2. Mary Lee says:

    Boy, did I need this! Thanks for your honesty and Keep it up, David. Sugar Lee

  3. Marc says:

    Hi David, you had a week where you temporarily lost focus. Considering how far you have come in your journey, I wouldn’t beat myself up too much about it. Now that you have acknowledged it and held yourself accountable, it’s time to regain that focus and keep being awesome.

    You are too big to fail. Not weight wise, but after all the public visibility via, Ellen, Jeff, Richard, etc., etc., you have a world wide audience that wants…no needs to see you stay on top of this. It gives so many hope and the motivation they need to stay focused on their own journey. So…keep it up David:)

  4. Val Scott says:

    I think you are doing great. Like the other comments, you got this. Getting past the all or nothing attitude would help. Exercise is necessary for everyone’s health but healthy eating I think is the key. I’m sure you have read Dr Joel Fuhrman’s book Eat To Live. He points out over and over again different cases of people that are so sick because of their weight problems they can’t even get off the couch and he helps them through changing their diet and they lose weight without exercising. Eventually they do exercise because they get their health back but changing their eating habits was most important. Maybe when you are feeling down because you aren’t getting in all the exercise you think you should maybe you should do a little reaffirming inspirational reading.

  5. Nurse Karen says:

    What everyone says above! Also, I’ve had some modest success with a once a week juice “fast”. I bought a Breville juicer & visit the Farmers Market: 4 fresh beets the size of tennis balls, 2 bunches of celery, 4 large kale leaves, 8 large carrots, 6 Washington apples, 2 large cucumbers, fresh ginger root the size of a quarter, one lemon–makes enough for a day of sipping. Plus you drink 1/2 gallon water. The fresh juice has a zing that gives you a little “high”, plus cleans you out. Full of vitamins & minerals. Proud of you for owning-up to a blah week; that accountability is what has brought you so far on your journey. Don’t forget the Epsom salts warm soaks to help your foot heal. If it still aches a lot, might want to get a foot x-ray, see if you have a fracture needing a foot bootie. KIUD!

  6. Lisa says:

    David—we have all been there and totally get this but it’s time to stop the madness. Every bite of it. Find a friend, give them the sugary things to keep for you, keep them in the your car so you have to go get them when you want some. Keep them in the trunk so you cannot reach them while driving. I keep my Hot Tamales in my boss’s office so I have to go get them and I can get five or six at a time instead of keeping them in my desk drawer where I could and would and have consumed the entire theater size box after lunch.

    Could you swim or walk in the water for exercise? I know it’s not the same exercise intensity as you normally get but it’s better than sitting around.

    You can do this! Thank you for your honesty.

  7. Leah says:

    So appreciate your honesty and sharing. You should try having a baby, my thought was I’m getting fat anyway I might as well have a scoop of ice cream with it too! I forgot about those Cheetos they sure sounded good!

  8. fergukj says:

    Glad you posted! I’ve been wondering about you. 🙂

  9. Jen says:

    That second graph is a great image, and a good reminder that a bad week doesn’t undo all the work you have done. It seems so much more powerful than a computer graph.

  10. Totally feel you on the ‘all or nothing’ mentality. I get that way with working out. I’ve been dealing with a broken toe since June and my workouts have been lacking because I don’t want to do something simple. I want to be able to go all out. Silly thinking we have going on!

    Let’s do this!

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