July Weight Loss Chart Update

I wasn’t planning on posting during the long holiday weekend, but I couldn’t sit on this post any longer. I had my once-a-month weigh-in at the beginning of the week, and the results were fantastic. I postponed this post so I could share my Fitbloggin recaps (read them here, here and here), but I can’t postpone any longer! Here’s what the scale said:


Down SIX POUNDS during the month of June!  I tend to make smart choices when I travel, and this is proof. I was out of town more days in June that I was home, and between Sweden, Michigan, Chicago, and Portland, I managed to keep my eating under control, and ramp up my exercise as well. And it paid off.

I updated my weight loss chart, and here’s what it looks like now:


I’ve now lost 11 of the 15 pounds I gained during my health scare a few months back, but what excites me more is that I have momentum. I’m on a roll. Hopefully I’ll lose those final 4 pounds and continue to keep losing.

Here’s my whole chart:


A weight of 246 puts my total weight loss, at this moment, at 156 pounds. Woo-hoo!

It’s not all rainbows and unicorns, though. A couple days after weighing in, I had a pretty epic binge. It began with an indulgence I rarely allow myself anymore – popcorn at the movies – and continued from there. I was thinking, the whole time, ”Eh, I’m not going to weigh myself for another month – plenty of time to get back on track.” So the small popcorn I thought I was going to buy turned into a large popcorn, to which I added butter, AND I bought a box of Milk Duds. Then, on the way home from the theater, I stopped at the store and bought a big bag of trail mix, a bag of chips, and a package of cookies. I ate every single thing.

The regret started immediately and was two-fold: I ate so much my stomach hurt, and it continued to hurt the entire next day. And, the whole episode was triggered by my desire to see a movie, and the movie sucked. It was “Fast & Furious 6,” and I don’t recommend it.

The good news is that I didn’t let this episode evolve into a multi-day affair. The next day I got back into the swing of things, worked out, ate well and in moderation, and moved on.

I will continue to move on today… in fact, the next stop, after hitting ‘publish’ on this post, is the gym. Not sure what I’ll do there, but I’m looking forward to sweating.

Keep it up, David!

15 Responses to July Weight Loss Chart Update

  1. Mike says:

    David I beg to differ about Fast n furious 6 it was not that bad. I have seen worse. I cannot wait for fnf7. Hahaha!

  2. maryam says:

    Dave- Good for you for getting back on track right away!

  3. Bev Jull says:

    Oh how I can relate!!! And you’re right, the secret is in not letting one bad day become two (or more) and getting back on track. Congrats on doing that . . .and on the 6lb in June.

  4. Is it weird that while watching that movie (in Portland, no less) I ate Buncha Crunch and buttered movie popcorn too? And yes, the movie sucked.

    It was awesome to meet you at FitBloggin, you’re incredibly inspirational and super nice.

  5. Caron says:

    Great job on losing while traveling! I find it interesting that you had a binge because some men seem to find the concept confusing. It is good that you got right back on track. Ever onward.

  6. Congrats on losing weight last month! I just started reading your blog recently and I think you’re so awesome!

  7. Karen P says:

    David, I love your weight chart. Glad that you reversed the trend quickly. Eating a clean diet and graphing my weight for trending over time are my two top tools for long term weight maintenance. Onward!

  8. WTG on the June loss, David! It was so awesome finally getting the chance to meet you in person and have a little time to chat on Thursday night at the mixer. It still amuses me that all of us SoCal folks had to go up to Portland to finally meet. 😉 Hope to see you next month at the local meetup!

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