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My efforts to get back into shape continue. A huge motivating factor has been the Double-D Workout Challenge that I’m doing with my friend Debbie – there’s nothing like the threat of owing someone money to get me moving! The Double-D Workout Challenge is pretty simple. Basically, we each committed to 5 workouts a week. If you miss a workout, you get a strike. Three strikes, and you owe the other person money (in the form of a gift card). For more details, check out this post.

We’ve been doing the Double-D Workout Challenge since the beginning of May, and so far, I haven’t missed a workout. Except, of course, the month of workouts that I missed as a result of my surgery. But Debbie knew about the surgery as we were concocting the Double-D Workout Challenge, and knew I would have to follow doctor’s orders in regards to resuming exercise, so I was off the hook for those workouts. Otherwise, I’d have accrued 20+ strikes and owe Debbie big time! (Debbie, it should also be noted, also hasn’t missed a workout. Keep it up, Debbie!)

It’s been nearly two weeks since I began exercising again, and I can feel that I’m much stronger than I was two weeks ago. I like how that feels! Last night, I got to take my first exercise class with Richard Simmons in almost 7 weeks at his Slimmons studio, and it was great to be back. I normally make an effort to attend his class once a week, but between the surgery and my travels, I haven’t worked out with Richard since Thursday, May 9th (a camera crew was there that day – read about it here).

I decided going into the class that I wouldn’t push myself too hard, but that idea got thrown out the window just about when Richard finished the warm-up. I don’t come to not push myself. I know Richard’s moves forward and backward, and I now how to increase the intensity a few notches, so I went as hard as I could. It was a fun class – Richard was dressed as Peter Pan, complete with a green wig (I’m kicking myself for not getting a picture) – and I was worn out afterwards.

Plus, it was great to see all my Slimmons friends. I got there nearly a half-hour early (traffic was in my favor), so there was lots of time to reconnect and say hello and catch up with a bunch of people that I’ve been working out with for years. I also met a few new people, including a guy that came up and introduced himself because he had recently seen my appearance on “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” – so cool that people are still finding that segment on YouTube!

Changing gears…

Hey! Where are you gonna be THIS WEEKEND? I’m going to FitBloggin!

FitBloggin is a conference for health and wellness bloggers, and I’m incredibly excited to go for the first time. It’s in Portland, Oregon, a city I’ve never been to before, so that’s pretty awesome too! I’ll get to meet a ton of people, including friends and bloggers I’ve followed for years and never actually met, and there will be all sorts of panels, sessions and discussions. I can’t wait. Are you a blogger that’s going to be in attendance? Drop me a line in the comments section, or tweet me at @keepitupdavid, and let me know! I’d love to meet you while I’m there.

OK – gotta go throw on some gym clothes and get my workout in.

Keep it up, David!


3 Responses to Back to Slimmons

  1. Dacia says:

    I’ll be at Fitbloggin! I hope I get to meet you and thank you for being an inspiration for me on my journey almost from day one!

  2. says:

    Have fun at the blog conference! Can’t wait to hear about it.

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