Check It Out: New Everyday Health Article!

About a month ago, I got contacted by an editor at Everyday Health, a big health and wellness website. And by ‘big,’ I mean ‘gigantic’ – they get 20 million unique visitors a month. They were starting a new column featuring weight loss success stories, and the editor was curious if I’d be interested in being featured. Heck yea! I provided some photos and answered a bunch of questions and woke up today to an email saying that my column was published. Happy Friday to me! Check out my Everyday Health column by clicking here.

I filled out the questionnaire before I had my most recent weigh-in and before I fessed up to the troubles I’ve been having this month, but I just reread what I wrote, and it all rings true, and is all good advice for the situation I find myself in now. So nice that the me of the past is looking out for the me of the future!

In other news, today marks the end of the first week of getting back on track.  Well, it’s almost the end of the first week… I technically gotta make it through the end of today, but I’m well on my way to making that happen. I’ve been thinking a lot about my scale, and I’ve decided to return to a weekly weigh-in. It took me some trial and error, but a long time ago I realized that weighing in monthly worked for me – I tend to get obsessed over numbers, and weighing in too frequently led to bad habits. On the other end of the spectrum, weighing myself too infrequently led to a lack of accountability, and I found that once a month was a happy medium.

But, as I embark on a goal to lose what I’ve gained this month, I think I’ll need the motivation that a scale can provide, so I’m gonna try returning to a weekly weigh-in. I’m not making any long-term commitments here – let’s just see how it goes, and tweak the plan accordingly. Flexibility is key.

I’ll probably continue updating my weight loss chart once a month. But who knows, maybe I’ll tweak that plan, too.

I’m excited to head into the weekend. I’m gonna get two great workouts in – they’re at the top of my to-do list!

Keep it up, David!


5 Responses to Check It Out: New Everyday Health Article!

  1. Great strength and success come from staying on your journey and how you deal with setbacks/failure. AND, failure only truly happens when you give up! Keep it up!

  2. says:

    Nice job on the Q&A

  3. Pat says:

    Your success is amazing, David!! You look like a different person! I just got Richard Simmons new Project HOPE in the mail but I am reluctant to start yet another yet. I”m just so sick of it, ya know? I love Richard and how much he cares about people, but I don’t know if I have the stones to do it anymore.

  4. Pat says:

    I mean yet another Diet.

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