The Damage…

…has been done.

It’s the first day of May, and that means it’s time for a weigh-in. Wanna see what two weeks of uninhibited eating and no exercise did to me? Here, take a look at my scale:


That right there is a fifteen pound gain. But, believe it or not, I’m pretty sure there’s good news too. Normally I’ve only been weighing myself once a month, but I weighed myself in the middle of those two weeks where I had completely fallen off the wagon (and, let’s face it, down the side of a mountain), and I weighed the same, within a few tenths of what you see above. That was on Monday, April 22, and I continued to pig out for four more days. I didn’t start hauling myself back on the wagon until Friday, April 26.

I suspect that I may have gained more weight during those final four pig out days, and lost those pounds during the five days where I’ve been in much better control. And if that’s true, it means that I’ve already begun turning things around, and, despite the fifteen pound gain, that makes me feel good.

It still was a crappy line to add to my Weight Loss Chart:


But then I took a step back, and reminded myself that while it’s pretty dramatic spike in the above photograph, it’s much, much, much less dramatic when you look at the chart as a whole:


The good choices continue, and with the help and support of some family and friends, I’ve established a couple helpful ways to stay accountable. One of them is a daily check-in with both of my sisters about what’s going on. It’s really simple – we keep a three-way text message thread going, and share, every day, how we’re doing and what’s tripping us up. I don’t see my sisters very often (Sarah lives in Colorado, and Laura’s in Chicago), so it’s good to stay connected, and we’ve pledged to reach out for help when we’re struggling with our vices. We’re less than a week into it, but so far so good! The other accountability tactic is an exercise competition with a friend, but I’m going to save that for another post, since we haven’t officially started it yet – we’re just finishing up hashing out the rules.

After two weeks of no exercise, I’ve now worked out for the last 5 days in a row. Today is a planned rest day, but that’s a nice little streak!

Keep it up, David!

5 Responses to The Damage…

  1. Kelly Bo-belly says:

    Keep on being positive, David! Slow and steady! Proud of you!

  2. I, for one, am somewhat heartened to realize that you are a human being like the rest of us. For a while it seemed you were more machine than man. 🙂

    That said… how on earth did you gain 15 pounds in two weeks? If I let myself go and pig out with abandon, it’s still incredibly difficult to gain more than about 2-3 pounds a week. (You’d have had to eat the equivalent of a large meat-lovers stuffed crust pizza every day for two weeks. 4,000 calories a day times 14 / 3500 is about 16 pounds.)

    Two large stuffed crusts pizzas a week is about my limit. 🙂

    • Donna says:

      It can be done, that much gain, unfortunately. I’ve gone up at least 5-6 lbs. a week in the past. Snacking & low metabolism is my downfall. Good luck, David!

  3. sach says:

    David, your story is amazing. Just get back on the horse and look forward, take it one day at a time. For what its worth, I have lost 60lbs in the past year and you certainly proved to me at the beginning that it was possible.

  4. Lisa says:

    You are one of my inspirations to lose weight.. keep it up David. If you can do this, so can I , etc….the other inspiration was a close up picture of me, in a less than flattering outfit and HOLY HELL…you know you are FAT and have fooled yourself cause you look nice(clean and dressed and hair okay) when you leave the house. I was all of these things in the picture but wow…just wow. That was six weeks ago, I started counting calories, watching everything I put in my mouth, have had more fruits and veggie in that time then in the last six months. I feel better, know I have lost because my clothes fit better, including a pair of jeans that didn’t fit before.

    Glad you are back on track!

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