Watch Me on “The Doctors” ONLINE!

Ohhhh boy, am I annoyed right now! My local Los Angeles CBS affiliate is at the top of my shitlist, and here’s why: They pre-empted my episode of ‘The Doctors” so they could air live coverage of some dumb golf tournament! What nerve. It wasn’t even a major golf tournament – it was the Farmers Insurance Open in San Diego. I waited over a month for my episode of “The Doctors” to air, and it gets yanked at the last minute for GOLF?!? Unacceptable.

I know “The Doctors” aired in most other parts of the country, though, and that’s a good thing, and all day today I got notes and messages from friends and readers that tuned in.

And the other good thing is that my segment is online! The entire hour isn’t online, but my quick little moment in front of the cameras is, and you can watch it right here.

For behind-the-scenes scoop, check out yesterday’s post.

The video is about 4 minutes long, but I’m only in the first part of it. It looks good, if I do say so myself. I look good too!

Keep it up, David!

9 Responses to Watch Me on “The Doctors” ONLINE!

  1. nathanalbert says:

    Not to split hairs, but you need to be pissed at the fog on Saturday in San Diego right now. If the fog hadn’t postponed the Open on Saturday, then they wouldn’t of had to play on Monday. SCREW YOU FOG!!!!
    That sucks man. Sorry.

  2. Tippie says:

    Ironically, it wasn’t pre-empted here in San Diego!
    I have the episode on TiVo.

  3. Caron says:

    You DO look good. Awesome!

  4. Denise Zolbert says:

    David, you look great on TV!! Your journey has given you some interesting opportunities. Good for you, we’ll deserved after all your hard work. You are an inspiration!!! Thanks For making it easy to view the clip, love your blog.

    Cheers, Denise

  5. Val Scott says:

    I’m so sorry you missed seeing the show:( I’m Canadian down in Florida on holiday. I watched the whole show while working out in the gym. I can appreciate that they would say your weight loss was due to you giving up “soda” which would be encouraging to the masses to stop drinking “soda” to start their weight loss journey. However you and I know that it that it takes more than that to be slim and fit. I follow Dr. Fuhrman and he uses sensational tidbits to get the proverbial foot in the door, slam people over the head, ah hah, light bulb going on, techniques to make people make those lifestyle changes. I guess that’s what it takes to combat the never ending commercials for greasy, cheese melting, burgers. I’m hoping that one day that these commercials go the way of the cigarette commercials or at least start with hazards to health warnings.

    • David says:

      The idea behind the segment was to introduce some folks who have had success losing weight, and for each of those folks to provide a single tip. Of course I didn’t lose my weight solely by drinking sparkling water, but how I lost weight can’t easily be boiled down to a 20-second sound bite – hell, I’m at over 650 blog posts and I’m not done yet! I’m so glad you watched and thanks for the comment!

  6. I’ll check it out–on-line! Good grief…a golf tournament? Was anyone actually watching?

  7. Alexis says:

    You are SO watchable David!!

  8. Rebecca Hill says:

    David, you look great on TV – and excellent tip about drinking sparkling water rather than soda. Thank you for always being so fun! Glad to see you’re still doing great – keep it up, David! 🙂 Rebecca

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