Exciting TV Announcement PLUS My Awesome New Kitchen Toy PLUS A Tasty Easy Dip Recipe!

Is your DVR remote control handy? Or pen and paper? I just want you to be prepared, because I have exciting news: I’m gonna be on TV again!

I’ll be a guest on “The Doctors” next Monday, January 28th! It’s a show about weight loss, featuring the one-and-only Richard Simmons. As part of his segment, they wanted to feature success stories of people that have worked with Richard to drop pounds. I’m one of 5 success stories, along with my friends Joanne, Marcia, Iris, and Lori, that are there to inspire a woman in the studio audience who wants to lose weight.

Doctors Masthead

We taped the show in late December (and I’ve kept my mouth shut about it per the confidentiality agreement they asked me to sign), and it was a lot of fun. I’m in the very first segment at the start of the show, and also onstage at the very end of the hour as well. “The Doctors” is syndicated, and to find out when it airs in your area, click here. I actually don’t know right now if my appearance will be available online. There’s a good chance it won’t be, so if you don’t have a DVR or a VCR or the ability to drop everything and watch it when it’s actually on, then you have about a week to figure out a solution! TUNE IN!

FUN FACT: This is actually my second appearance on “The Doctors” – I appear, briefly, in a segment taped at Slimmons that aired about a year ago. You can watch it online right here.

Moving on… I got a fun new kitchen toy as a Christmas present, and I’ve been photographing it in action!

Every year, my siblings and I do a Christmas exchange where we draw names from a hat, so everyone only has to buy one present instead of five. This year, my sister-in-law Alexis pulled my name, and I sent her a couple ideas, including a little infomercial product that’s caught my eye, the Vidalia Chop Wizard. It chops vegetables quickly and easily – perfect for a guy that incorporates tons of veggies into my meals every single day.

Alexis, though, did her research, and she ended up finding a product that does the same thing, but has more versatility and got better reviews. And that’s how the Williams-Sonoma Professional Multi-Chopper ended up under the Christmas tree, and it’s pretty fucking sweet.


In additional to dicing vegetables, like the Chop Wizard does, it also has attachments to slice veggies, core apples, and cut things in wedges. But why talk about it when I can show you it’s awesomeness? Here’s the dice attachment. See those tomatoes, onions, and cucumber on the left?


Just lay them on the grid of blades, and push down on the lid in a swift motion.


In about 45 seconds, I chopped all those veggies and had an easy Greek salad.


I added a handful of olives and some light dressing, and packed it as part of my lunch for the next day. Actually, it was enough for 2 lunches.

This cucumber is on the slicing attachment.


Again, all you need is one swift press of the lid, and BLAMMO!


Evenly sliced cucumber in seconds! I sliced up a red pepper the same way, and added some carrots and celery for a veggie medley I took to a party last weekend:


I also brought a dip for those veggies, and making it involved a different kitchen toy I’ve had for years and years. Ready for a healthy dip idea? Before I get to that, let me just thank Alexis for the awesome Christmas present. I’d invite her over for sliced, diced, and wedged vegetables, but alas, she lives on the other side of the country.

FUN FACT: Alexis gave the Multi-Chopper to my mom to give to me when my mom went to visit her right before Christmas, and it caused the TSA to stop and search my mom’s bag at the airport! My mom’s advice to everyone: go ahead and place your veggie slicer/dicers in your checked suitcase.

OK… Ready for that healthy, easy dip recipe? Here’s my Bean, Red Pepper and Palm Dip.

It’s based on this recipe I found online, but I modified it significantly, as I always do. I started with one can of cannellini beans (a common type of white bean), which I drained and rinsed. I added to that two small jars of roasted red peppers, which are also called pimientos. Mine were 4 oz jars, which I also drained. They were pre-chopped, but you can also find larger jars where the red peppers are whole. You just gotta chop them yourself.


What’s that vessel I’m putting those ingredients in? You’ll see shortly!

I then added half a jar of hearts of palm (4 big palm stalk pieces). If you’ve never had hearts of palm, you should definitely give them a try. They’re actually harvested from the core of certain young palm trees, and they remind me of artichoke hearts, although artichoke hearts have a little more flavor. But they’re still tasty, and a great addition to salads. Or this dip. I also added a big handful of fresh flat leaf parsley, 2 or 3 tablespoons of balsamic vinegar, and 2 garlic cloves (not pictured), which I pressed through a garlic press:


Final additions were a pinch of salt, a bunch of pepper, and a liberal sprinkling of paprika. This is paprika that my friend Jen got me while she was traveling in Hungary. It’s sweet paprika, as opposed to smoked, and to be honest, I like both kinds. Paprika is a fantastic spice!


Then the lid went on that container. The container is a product called the Tupperware Quick Chef, and I got it years and years ago. They still sell it, and it looks like it has a few more features and attachments that weren’t available when I got mine. Basically, there are a couple blades at the bottom of that container, and the lid has a rotating handle which moves those blades, so it makes quick work of whatever you put inside it.


After a few seconds of turning that handle vigorously, the dip was ready:


You could also use a food processor and puree the dip completely, but I was in the mood to use the Quick Chef, and I wanted it to be a little bit chunky, so the ingredients could be seen. I transferred it to a serving bowl to take to the party:


And it was a hit! Give it a try – it’s perfect for Super Bowl and/or Oscar parties!


4 Responses to Exciting TV Announcement PLUS My Awesome New Kitchen Toy PLUS A Tasty Easy Dip Recipe!

  1. nathanalbert says:

    You’re going to have to get an IMDB page! You’re so famous! lol
    Can’t wait to see it!
    P.S. that dip looks fantastic.

  2. Pat says:

    Did you see Robert & Michael?

  3. SarahGarcia77@yahoo.com says:

    Yay!!! More TV sightings! Dip looks good 🙂

  4. Alexis says:

    Keep on chopping David!! Thanks for the dip recipe, looks good.

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