Your First Time Here?

I have a hunch I may have a few new readers today. Does that include YOU? If so, please enjoy this photographic welcome:

Chances are you’re here because you saw me on “The Jeff Probst Show,” and I’m so glad you watched and even more glad that you stopped by. (If you haven’t seen me on “The Jeff Probst Show” yet, click here to watch online.) Here’s a little run-down of what to find on this site. Let’s call it Keep It Up, David 101:

I started Keep It Up, David two years ago as a way to keep myself accountable and on-track. Losing weight is difficult (that’s the understatement of the year!), so I use this site as a way to share what I’m doing, what I’m eating, how I’m struggling, and how I’m succeeding. I publish a new blog about once a week, usually on Monday or Tuesday.

If you poke around in the header at the top of the page, you’ll quickly learn a lot about me. I’ve written around 650 posts, so here are some links for easy ways you can navigate through them:

  • My Story So Far… features my life-long battle with weight. I’ve been overweight my entire life, and I share, on this page, how I’ve tried to lose weight in the past, and, more importantly, how I did it this time around, including how I met my friend and mentor, the one-and-only Richard Simmons.
  • The Photo Gallery has LOTS of ‘Before’ and ‘Current’ pictures. Who doesn’t like pictures?
  • My Favorite Posts is also pretty self-explanatory. It’s through these posts that you can get a sense of my writing style and read about some of the milestones (and low points) along this road.
  • One of the ways that I keep motivated is by tracking my weight on my Weight Loss Chart. It’s a low-tech affair – a graph paper chart that’s taped on my wall – but it works for me!

You can follow me on Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ (all excellent ways to learn about new posts), or sign up to receive new posts via email – there’s a “Sign Me Up!” box in the right-hand column, under the black-and-white photo.

Most of all, I invite you to speak up. Losing weight is hard work, and you have ideas or thoughts based on what I write, then please use the comments section to share them with everyone! I can’t promise that I’ll be able to respond to every comment or email, but I will read them all, and I appreciate you taking the time to reach out.

Now then. Who wants some behind-the-scenes intel about “The Jeff Probst Show”?

You know what? Going on talk shows is fun. I highly recommend it. I already shared a little bit about how I asked to be on the show, so here’s what went down the day of the taping:

Since I work at the show, I showed up for work like it was any other day, but instead of settling in at my desk, I headed over to the stage first thing in the morning. We tape three shows a day, two days a week, and the weight loss show was the first show of that day. It was pretty cool seeing a dressing room with my name on it:

I brought a duffel bag and a hanging bag full of wardrobe options, but my buddies Maria and Lisa, the show’s incredible wardrobe stylists, also found a bunch of options, too. They picked out everything I wore, from head to toe, excluding underwear and spanx (yep, I wore spanx). Maria and Lisa did a great job – because I looked good, if I do say so myself!

My buddy Mikael took that photo after the taping was over.

Before the taping began, there was a quick rehearsal onstage, where Bryan, the director, told me where he wanted me to go, and the hair and makeup team did their magic as well. My friend Alex, one of the guys on the producing team for that show, prepped me on what to expect when I went out there. I was nervous before my segment taped, but for silly reasons. Specifically, I was nervous I would run out there and trip and fall, and faceplant into the lap of some lady in the front row.  Thankfully, for me and that lady, that didn’t happen.

The actual taping went by quickly, and I’m glad there were cameras around, because I don’t remember much of it! Jeff is a really great guy – he’s easy to talk to, so I felt comfortable. I’m familiar with the stage, having worked there since June, and a couple friends were in the audience, so it was cool to see friendly faces.

After the taping was over, I gathered up my stuff, and headed back to my office. It was noon – and I still had a full day of work ahead of me!

Oh – and here’s the mug that all guests get as a little ‘thank you’ for being on the show:

Keep it up, David!


14 Responses to Your First Time Here?

  1. Coco says:

    You look great, I can’t wait to watch! Cool shoes, did you get to keep them?

  2. Kathy says:

    Thank you so much for sharing. Also you look so good!

    I weigh 230 and the fact that you look so good at that weight inspires me to look good at my weight. I lost 90 pounds from my all time high over a 3 year period. I was down to 175 at one point. Anyway, I have kept the 90 off for 6 years! I know how to do this.

    I want to lose at least 70 more pounds and possibly 100 more. But the journey is the thing. I need to remember that.

    You have also inspired me to perhaps start my own website. God bless you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Sarah says:

    Where’s the link?

  4. Sarah says:

    I found it and the extended cut too! you did great!!

  5. Tammie S says:

    Wow…I am truly inspired…I look forward to spending many days with you reading, talking and sharing my journey. I to have lost weight and continue to do so. I have lost over 100lbs and about about 100 more to do….its a daily challenge, but taking one day at a time is my trick to success. Thanks for sharing David, you have done amazing!!:)

  6. Shelley says:

    Wow, David, great work. Now I have to get off my lazy ass and use this motivation for something good.

    Have you ever heard of The Anti-Jared? Look up The Anti-Jared on Facebook. I have been following him off and on for a couple years. He was over 400 pounds before he started his weight loss journey and has lost over 220 pounds. Might be nice for you to connect with someone else who knows exactly what you have accomplished and all the work it takes. Keep it up.

  7. ArizonaBorn says:

    I am inspired by everyone on the show. Your story is inspirational in its own right. Thank you for being transparent! You didn’t have to do it!! I will keep it up too!!

  8. Eileen Murphy says:

    Way to go!!

  9. Annette says:

    Your story was so inspiring!!! You are so right. I love junk food and just constantly try to keep in mind that it is a short term fix and a regret you have the second you swallow that stupid food! I am not overweight but it is a decision I work on every single day to make the right decisions regarding my food choices. Keep up the good work.

  10. PJ says:

    Hello, David! I actually found your blog months ago during a search for lowfat recipes. But I’d forgotten about it until your appearqnce on Jeff Probst’s talk show. Now I’m subscribing. By the way, yours is the first blog I’ve ever subscribed to, man. (I added the ‘man’ to avoid ending that sentence with a preposition; my English teacher would be so proud!)

  11. maryam z. says:

    It’s funny..i’ve been following your blog for over 16 months (first from Ellen Show)… you have been an inspiration for my weight loss journey. It’s funny throughout your blogs you never liked to talk about where you were working..and just as I was watching the taping of the show as you are introduced…I felt very happy and proud that you are part of that staff. It appears that this is your life calling. You are an inspiration to me to this day as I continue on my journey. I have lost about 50 pounds with 10 pounds to go. These 10 pounds have been taking over 6 months..but I’m not in a rush as I read your blogs I am happy to keep the 50 away and to continue to be active & eating healthy. I have completed my first 5k, 10k, 15k last month in Chicago Hot Chocolate Run- and now looking forward to half marathon and full marathon in Chicago in October. Maybe you will be running too 🙂
    Keep it up David…

  12. Kay ritcher says:

    Hi David, your story was so inspiring to me. At this writing I am 60 lbs over weight. But the good news is because of you I have a desire to be successful at reaching my own personal weight loss goal:) so my weight loss journey starts for me today. Thank you for sharing your story and motivating me to start taking care of myself. Today I weighed in at 117 lbs. I’ll update you in 1 week on my progress. Thanks again:))

  13. Kay ritcher says:

    Typing error!! I weigh 217! (not 117) Wish me luck this week! Talk to you next Monday:))

  14. Rosario says:

    Hello, David
    To make my story short ,is that I have tried so many diets,by pills,to food and I still feel I can’t for it is so hard.I have no motivation and my mind is always worried about bills,working ,and when I do think what about me I just say I don’t care pluz why diet if I already have a boyfriend and really I feel like I live in a fat girls body …I really hope your storys and struggles could help me too. .
    Thank You

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