A New Chapter for Keep It Up, David

Change is good. We can all agree on that, right? Change fuels progress and growth and leads to good things. Change can turn your life around, like it did mine. Had I not started making changes, I never would have gone from this…

Me in 2007 at a family get-together in Chicago. That’s my sister and sister-in-law that I unceremoniously cropped out.

..to this…

Me, trying on sunglasses in June 2012. (I didn’t buy them)

That right there is a visual representation of the 166 pounds that I’ve lost and kept off, and it’s all because I had the courage to embrace change.

Now it’s time to embrace change and start a new chapter for Keep It Up, David. It’s been almost two years since I’ve started this website, and it’s been an extraordinary two years. This website has given me the opportunity to connect with so many fantastic people all across the planet, and it’s given me a platform to share a big part of my life in a way that’s meaningful and, hopefully, helpful. I know for a fact that this website has been helpful for me. It’s been a lifeline that has kept me accountable and on-track. I don’t know where I’d be had I never started Keep It Up, David, and I don’t wanna think about it, because this website is a part of me. A big part of me:

It can easily demand 8-10 hours of my time per week. I’ve published nearly 650 posts. I’ve written somewhere around 400,000 words (at least!). And you’ve stopped by to read those words nearly a quarter of a million times. All I can say to that is HOLY FUCKING SHIT. And thank you. 

But my life is changing, and that’s a good thing. I re-entered the workforce this summer, and that’s been going really well, and it’s also kept me very busy. I’m making sure I continue to take care of myself, through mindful eating and exercise, and that takes time, too. Ultimately, I’m finding that my days are getting packed, and something’s gotta give.

Don’t worry – I’m not ending Keep It Up, David. I intend to keep it up in my real life, and as long as I’m doing that, I will keep it up online. This blog is way too integral to my health and wellness to just give up.

But I can’t continue publishing 5-6 posts a week, which has been the norm for the entire life of this blog.

So I’m proud to announce that moving forward, Keep It Up, David will continue as a weekly blog. My new goal is to publish a new post every Monday morning. I already know that there will be times I bend my new plan and publish more than that – like when my twice-monthly weigh-ins fall mid-week, as it will this week, but I’m excited to see how this works.

You can expect some other changes as well. I’d like to find ways to better organize all the information that’s already on here. I’ve gotten multiple requests to compile all my recipes on one page, so that’s one project I’m going to start working on. I plan on updating the ‘My Story So Far…’ page, because that’s barely been touched since Day 1 of this blog. If you have any other suggestions, let’s hear ’em!

I also want to add that when I think about the stats I mentioned earlier – specifically, the nearly quarter-million page views I’ve amassed  – my knees go a little week. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again and again: I started this blog mainly as a tool to help me stay the course in a difficult and challenging process. But every time I see those statistics, or read your comments and emails, I feel dumbstruck. I feel honored that so many of you choose to include my words as a part of your day. I feel humbled that you turn to me when you need a little inspiration. Some of you have reached out and shared that this blog has helped you lose 20 or 50 or even 100 pounds, and those confessions literally bring a tear to my eye. I am so privileged to have such a loyal and supportive group of readers all across the world, and I don’t take that lightly.

It’s my hope that you’ll stick around for this new chapter of Keep It Up, David. I look forward to continuing to share my world, and I can’t wait to keep learning from all of you.

A final note – I’m now one week away from my big open water swim. Today, I had what may be my last training session in the pool, where I swam 2,500 yards without stopping. That’s 100 lengths of the pool, and about 15 more lengths than what I’ll be swimming in the ocean. I did another 800 yards before calling it a day. I’m feeling better about the event than I was last weekend, but I’m still a little nervous. And that was before an 18-foot great white shark was sighted on Thursday right where I’ll be swimming. I’ve worked too hard to let some dumb shark scare me off!

Keep it up, David!


11 Responses to A New Chapter for Keep It Up, David

  1. Archibald Leach says:

    Week it Up, David!

  2. Sybil Goldrich says:

    Go, go, go David!!! See you in class soon.

  3. Kenlie says:

    Your blog has been an incredible tool, and it will continue to be for others who find inspiration here.

    I understand the kind of effort it takes to keep the blog going, but I’m so happy to hear that you’ll continue to post weekly. =)

    Keep it up, David!

  4. Bella says:

    It makes sense that as you evolve, so does your blog. I’m glad you’re still going to post weekly.

    On a side note, I love your iPhone case. Very cool.

  5. J. says:

    Life is change!

  6. Yeh! It has been awesome Keeping Up with David! 🙂 Keep it up!

  7. Steven says:

    F*!^ing badass brother. But I see the change in the new photo, it’s your new tiger-stripped cell phone.

    I’m jealous of your hairline. Talk soon!

  8. Nurse Karen says:

    Don’t worry, you’ll be fine for your ocean challenge. You’re so slender now, that in no way would your shadow pass for a seal or sea lion. Sand sharks regularly cop a feel at Seal & Sunset Beachs, and the ones I’ve seen are kind of like wasps: you leave them alone, and they leave you alone. Dolphins tend to show up to play this time of year, and that video did not look like a great white to me at all. I bet it was a dolphin. I’m glad you’ll be posting in the future, and understand the allocation of time. Your blog IS informative, inspirational, fun, and like shooting the breeze over the cyber-fence in this little village we call the “internet”. Keep it UP, David!!! xoxo

  9. Sarah says:

    change! I hate change. Just kidding. great job with this blog. Glad you will keep writing!

  10. carol says:

    Wow! Your story is so inspirational – way to go…I appreciate you sharing your story here – thank you! I look forward to learning more… carol :o)

  11. Bookbody says:

    As someone who often goes WAY too long without posting because off-line life gets too frantic, I think this is a fabulous idea. Maybe as you start paring down, I’ll step up and make a similar weekly pledge… it may be the only way my blog gets updated for the next few months!

    Seriously though, I think it makes a lot of sense to let some other things have a bit more of your time. And I think the once-a-week minimum you’ve set for yourself will help keep the blog (and what it represents to you) a part of your life (and ours!)

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