Aloe Water & Shrimp Cocktail

Yikes – It’s been two weeks since I promised my review of aloe water. Time to deliver on that promise! Plus, my review of a bonus product!

This is one of two aloe waters that I bought on sale at the store a few weeks back. This bottle is ‘Crisp Aloe’ flavor, and the other bottle was ‘White Grape.’  First, I should point out that aloe water is apparently very good for you. According to the side of the bottle, aloe is brimming with all sorts of good things that your body wants and needs, and the bottle only has 35 calories:

The beverage is clear, and looks like water:

But does it taste like water? Nope.

I’m not gonna sugarcoat this, folks. I found aloe water to be gross. It tastes medicinal, or perhaps even antiseptic, with a tinge of metal, like you’re sucking on a quarter (not that I’ve ever done that. Never ever). You can tell it’s been sweetened, but the sweetness is an aftertaste, and it doesn’t help.

The White Grape bottle wasn’t any better – the sugary aftertaste is slightly grape-like. I’m glad I tried aloe water, if only so I know never to drink it again.


I’m always one the lookout for lean proteins, and I saw this at the store, and it caught my eye:

I’ve never seen a packaged item that contains both shrimp and cocktail sauce, and I was intrigued. I assumed it was new to market, but apparently Sau-Sea Shrimp Cocktail has been around for decades, and was very popular in the middle of last century, according to this interesting blog post.  Their packaging has changed over the years, but the product is essentially the same: shrimp in cocktail sauce.

When I first cracked it open, I thought I had been fooled. There couldn’t possibly be any shrimp in there!  But there was. And they were tiny. I was expecting small shrimp, but maybe not this small. They’re bay shrimp, and here’s two of them on my fork:

The cocktail sauce was a little bland, and the shrimp were small, but that’s what you get when you pay $3 for seafood. Nutrition-wise, it was pretty good: the 4-oz container has 110 calories, 8 grams of protein, and is fat-free. But it’s loaded with sodium – 710mgs, almost a third of your daily allowance, so watch out. I mopped up all the leftover sauce with a big bag of raw broccoli and cauliflower.

I’ve only seen this Sau-Sea Shrimp Cocktail once at the store, so I don’t know how common it is, but I may buy it again, occasionally. I don’t think I’d seek it out. I have a big bag of cooked frozen shrimp in my freezer – maybe I’ll just buy some cocktail sauce and make my own shrimp cocktail next time!

Keep it up, David!

6 Responses to Aloe Water & Shrimp Cocktail

  1. Jessa says:

    You can make your own cocktail sauce, better than the premixed sauce. Ketchup, horseradish (creamy or plain, I like Inglehoffer’s), and Worcestershire sauce. You just adjust the ingredients to your taste. You can also add lemon juice if you like.

    Thanks for the reviews, I had been wondering about the aloe water myself.

  2. Caron says:

    I know I would not like the aloe water. I didn’t like the coconut water and still wonder why people are willing to pay such a high price for it. 😦

  3. Megan says:

    I’m not sure if cholesterol is a concern to you but be aware that shrimp and prawns are on the list of “high cholesterol” foods (at least in Canada). Good luck with your weight loss journey! I just started a blog and am really passionate about weight loss, maybe it could help you. Or shoot me an email if you have any questions. Check out

  4. JOSH BURTON says:

    Where can I buy the sea sau cocktail in shrimp that u have a picture of David. I’ll buy a Case or 2.

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