Broken Glass

I arrived home from work last night and was greeted by a little present. It was a gift that I had left for myself, and, since leaving it in the morning, I had completely forgotten about it. The present was… a mess.

That morning, I was making a mad dash to get out the door. With my work bag in one hand and my gym bag in the other, I decided at the last minute to grab a box of raisins from the cupboard as part of my breakfast. I opened the cupboard, grabbed a box, and as I removed it, the corner caught a jar of Spike, my favorite non-sodium all-purpose seasoning mix, and brought it crashing to the counter. Crap.

“No time to clean it,” I told myself. “I’ll do it tonight.” Believe me, it was the last thing I wanted to do when I came home from a long week from work, but cleaning it up wasn’t a big deal – even though that glass travelled far. Now I’m out of Spike. I’ll add it to the grocery list.

That wasn’t the only unplanned food-related incident of the day. The pile of shattered glass must’ve knocked me off my game, because I also forgot to grab my lunch, which I had packed the night before, to bring to work. And I didn’t realize it until about 1pm, when I returned to my desk, starving, after being away from it for a while.

This was the first time since I started this job, over a month ago, that I’ve forgotten to bring my lunch. I’m sure it’ll happen again – I’m human, after all – and now I have a Plan B.

There’s a Subway less than a half mile from my office. That didn’t surprise me so much, just because there’s not many places in all of Los Angeles where there isn’t a Subway within a half mile, but I decided I would run there and back. And I don’t mean ‘run’ in a colloquial sense. I ran there. And ran back. I stopped at crosswalks (something I don’t do when I’m running for exercise; in those instances, I run in place), but for most of the rest of it, I ran.

At Subway, I picked up a foot-long Black Forest ham on wheat, with all the veggies and a little fat-free honey mustard. No cheese.

I don’t remember the calorie count exactly (and I’m too lazy to look it up online), but it was under 600 calories, according to store signage. Now the $5 footlong jingle is stuck in my head: “Five… five dollar… five dollar footloooong!”

After work, it was off to the gym, where I warmed up with some inclined walking on the treadmill for 6 minutes (speed: 4.0, incline: increasing every minute to 15.0). Then, 43 minutes of weightlifting – chest presses, hack squats, rows, leg extensions, flys, shoulder presses, shrugs, and something I’m forgetting. All that, plus the midday run to Subway and back, adds up to a nice workout.

Plus, that lunch I had forgotten (salad with veggies and tuna; 1/2 a pita bread; strawberries and blueberries with plain Greek yogurt) made for a fine dinner.

Keep it up, David!

5 Responses to Broken Glass

    • Bev Jull says:

      Way to make a healthy unplanned lunch choice . . . it’s one thing to plan a lunch . . . even to plan a bought lunch, but it’s the unplanned meal out that I find can be a problem.
      Funny you should mention that there seems to be a SUBWAY every 1/2 mile in LA . . . I noticed when I was out there last year that there seems to be one on every other corner, but then I just counted the number where I live and we have 8 for just over 90,000 people!!!!!
      Keep up the healthy choice,

  1. TC says:

    Spike? never heard of that, I use Mrs. Dash for my sesoning, I’ll have to check my grocery store for some spike to try it out.

  2. Janet says:

    Nice choices there. You are really lucky David, here in Germany, they don’t yet have any special dressing, like fat free honey mustard, which I would love by the way. Enjoy the rest of your day.

  3. Nurse Karen says:

    Proud of you, as usual: Love that you didn’t let hunger derail your Healthy choices. ^_^

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